How a Wytch Views Commitment

How do you view commitment?

I’faith, I have always been committed to my life as a Wytch and my freedom. If you are asking would I be committed to any one person, indeed it would be a fine thing. But I ask, just how much do you give up for the commitment? Does the person in fact love you and you them with open hands and hearts? And does each allow the other to be who they truly are without trying to changing the other person into what they desire? If the answer be no to any of these questions, then I have no desire to commit to such a union.

I have committed to very few, and yet to those whom I do, it is a deep and abiding mutual respect that is at the heart of it all. Without ourselves, without commitment to our Will and the freedom that that gives, everything else is that much more small if not meaningless. There are those that fall into the requirements to such bonds. And those are the ones that I feel most keenly. Those are commitments of both heart and blood and like my freedom, I would defend them unto my end.

Muse: Fanny Fae
Fandom: Original Fiction
Word Count: 198
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One response to “How a Wytch Views Commitment

  1. How do you view

    Well, I committed myself to people who somehow changed into something other than I wanted to be committed to (or for)

    but all in all, commitment could work for others, I’m almost willing to bet it does

    but not for me
    When i was committed I either opted out after so much abuse.. or I was made to settle outside the setting

    Commitment seems to look better on paper or in theory than it ever existed in real life, that is, in my experience

    If I cannot commit, I won’t bother trying.. and I don’t

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