Money, fame or happiness, you can only have one… what would you rather have and why?

What an absurd question you ask! I see absolutely no reason why a person may not be allowed to have all of them and must have any need to choose. Happiness is something that we make our minds up to be or not, so that is to my own mind, always a non issue. Money, it is just a means of exchange – nothing more, and by itself is merely a hollow thing. You can buy an approximation of happiness, and even fame with it – but only for as long as it holds out more oft times than not. How much money is enough? How much money purchases happiness for a soul who has no desire to be truly happy with what they have in the first place? T’would seem an answer that the simplest of metaphysical principles could lay to rest quite easily.

That then, leaves fame. To a Wytch, fame can mean death – it can also mean that he or she is sought out for their skills for a variety of quests to which the seeker, more oft times than not would much rather not do for themselves. How many of us who have spent their lives pursuing their art have been approached by the weak willed and the strong alike to grant them the boon of an elixir, a spell, a charm, that one singular answer that would allow them to cease their quest, so that they could in fact cease their efforts or that they might live on the rewards with none of the effort by means of an act of magic? If I could have charged a toll for each time that this had happened to myself alone, I would have no further need of money.

For myself I would have all or none.

Muse: Fanny Fae
Fandom: Original Fiction
Word Count: 298


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2 responses to “Money, fame or happiness, you can only have one… what would you rather have and why?

  1. I am in almost complete agreement with you, Fanny! Except where fame is concered. Money and happiness can be turned off and on at will. but fame follows you whether you want it or not, robbing you of certain freedoms. There may have to be conditions on fame, I think.

    • Aye, Fame does follow ye. That is for cert. However, a Wytch can shape shift to a certain degree. And as for freedom – that like happiness is something that we make up our minds to be or not. 😉

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