Do you believe in an afterlife?

Most assuredly I do. Human beings can be so very arrogant. They think that by holding their breath or suspending their belief in a thing that they can merely will it out of existence. How many insist that Wytches do not exist, but in fact we do? We do just as do daemons and angels and the Fae and ghosts, and so very many realms which far too many have little or no understanding.

Do ye not know that the dead don’t merely cease to exist, but in fact are like friends and loved ones moving to a new place? Of course, they cannot take any of their belongings here with them, but that does not mean that they are no longer there, or cannot hear, or do not need conversation, maybe even a libation poured to them or a place set at the table for them, too. Whether on this side of the veil or the other, life does go on. The greatest tragedy is to deny that they are still among us. For all the grieving and pining and missing the touch of those who are counted among the dead, there is comfort in knowing that they are but a breath away, a whispered prayer, or greeting. If you go very quiet and listen, often you can hear them whisper back – or if you are even more sensitive, can almost perceive a touch. Some write such things off to imagination, but there is much more to it than that. And as I have said, humans can be most arrogant about the ways of realms that they have neither experienced nor grasped understanding of. Their belief or disbelief is notwithstanding.

Mayhap the spirits of our loved ones go on in the light of the stars, or perhaps go to the Summerland to rest and to then be reborn and re-enter the Circle of Life, but still life continues. Then again too, there are those who have passed over to the Land of the West, that lend a hand to the living. I have myself experienced such, on more than one occasion. I have had Eldermentors and Ancestors that have come to me at dire need and lent their aid or their knowledge. I suspect, that when I too pass to the Land of the West, I shall do the same for those who come after. It is all a part of that dance we call ‘Life’.

Muse: Fanny Fae
Fandom:Original Fiction & Various Folkloric Tales
Word Count: 407

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