How do you handle disappointment?

I am never disappointed. Allow yourself to be disappointed, that means you have given up. If you give up you fail. There is no failure unless you give up completely.

Do that and you get exactly what you deserve.

Why settle for far less than you were aming for in the first place? If you are disappinted, then it means you alone made up your mind to be so. Such weakness is not to be admired under any circumstance. There is always more than one way to bring about a desired result. Unless you have tried them all, and I have yet to meet anyone who truly has done so regarding anything, then there is no reason why you should fail and therefore be disappointed.

One of my teachers when I was a very young Initiate once told me, something that I have ne’er forgotten. She said that there is one way, the truest way to be able to fortell or determine what the future holds. And that is to have a direct hand in making it for oneself. If you do that, then disappointment or satisfaction simply becomes a matter of what you allowed to happen.

I have always found that to be true, at least for myself.

Muse: Fanny Fae
Fandom: Original Fiction & Various Folkloric Tales
Word Count: 209
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