Do you believe in the possibility of a true friendship between a man and a woman?

Aye. I do.

I have a few true friends in the world, and the two that were the very closest friends that I have ever had have both been men. When my mind has turned to science or politics or even philosophy, I found that few of my own sex could be bothered with such topics, and even fewer were able to contemplate them to any depth. After five minutes of discussing fashion, marriage and babies, I find that most of them run out of anything at all interesting to say. Men do not suffer such limited scope in the types of pursuits they enjoy, and sometimes I think it shocks them to find a member of the opposite sex who can hold their own in a discussion with them over a wide range of topics.

One man, in particular, a King, in fact, has often been one of the very best friends I have ever had. But the word friend itself is something that that neither of us really happens to like very much. It has, unfortunately, been so carelessly bandied about, that it ceases to have the meaning that it once did. I think that both of us prefer to use words such as, ‘intimate’, or ‘familiar’ or even ‘ally’ when referring to the other. We often speak to each other almost as equals, if anyone could say that there is a remote possibility of either of us having a so-called equal. There is great comfort in having a relationship where neither one takes more than what is offered. Even a smile or a touch is never construed as anything other than what it is. Although I suppose that assumption on my part is perhaps quite probably exactly as he wishes it to appear. The relationship is comfortable and yet is not marred by any misguided ideas of romance. Because I am half-Fae, and Jareth is from the Underground, he feels quite familiar to me. I suppose in my being homesick for my own kind I have given him the distinction of regarding him almost as kinfolk. His greatest gift is that he understands better than most of what my motivations are and I am glad to say he does not fault me for it. He allows me to and in fact incourarges me to think, sometimes on several levels all at once. If he disagrees with my methods, then he is fearless in telling me so. This is something that I have always valued, and I would like to imagine that perhaps he values it in me as well.

Muse:Fanny Fae
Fandom: Original Fiction
Word Count:354


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3 responses to “Do you believe in the possibility of a true friendship between a man and a woman?

  1. And here I had atttibuted ye with the disctinction of knowing me best HERE!

    Faithless woman ye are!

  2. *laughs*

    Oh dear Fanny, your tongue so sharp that you cut words so finely. I feel that you are in dire need of trickier company.

    • Fanny looks genuinely wounded at Jareth’s remark.

      But, Jareth, I honestly did mean every word I said about you with absolute sincereity. If I had wanted to cut you with words, I could have done so. Would you truly fault a lady for appreciating a companion, namely Yourself? To be completely honest, I am so very tired of the surly ones who have no sense of humour and who truly are boring!

      Besides, I cannot think of any tricker company than you, and you are an amusing playmate – as our little game rather proves. 😉

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