What would a description of your exact opposite be like?

My exact opposite? Well, ’tis very hard to imagine, but I suppose I can.

She would be bored because she most likely would be very boring.

She would never question authority, never dare to look a King in the eye and dare to ask him questions that others are too afraid to consider.

She would know nothing of magick but instead bow her head before the Holy Mother Church and its priests and accept their judgement upon her life and value as a human being to be merely summed up by virtue of her sex. She would be rendered guilty by their version of the “original sin”. Self appreciation and knowing who she is would ne’er even enter into her mind.

She would be afraid of the uncertain, cower in the face of the unfamiliar, and do exactly as she is told. She would seek the solace of one man to take care of her and know very little if anything about how to take care of herself. She would be lame in the face of adversity and her chances of survival would be contingent upon what the people, surroundings and situations around her doled out. She would place too much trust in friends and not have the slightest inkling on how to use her enemies. She would be completely predictable and be completely unable to destroy an adversary even if the situation were to call for it.

She would not deign to consort with pirates or goblins, nor the dark Unseelie Fae, nor anyone at all slightly dangerous. For these are clearly nowhere near resembling what she herself is and so they have no value to her. She is afraid of the dark for she knows it not and sees no value in it. She would be light haired and frail, and she most definitely would neither a Wytch nor have a single drop of Scot’s or Fae blood in her veins.

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One response to “What would a description of your exact opposite be like?

  1. Well, very interesting.

    Although in some situation i have to admit to do what your opponent “would do” in all my insecurity in some things i think i am very much like Fanny Fae.
    I definitely have very strong opinions and not afraid to say it openly, i find that very good in Fanny.
    I most definitely don’t need a man to survive, i might like to have one around a little more but heck i can do without just fine.
    I like the character of Fanny Fae, as these and other things sound so much like myself.
    And pirates?
    Do bring’m on, the rich are just getting richer and the poor getting porer and even if this is not the main reason for pirating in this world you have to tend for yourself, that being the way very much in the 17th century too.
    What would you do, bow for a rich spoiled kid like Elisabeth in POTC?
    I don’t think so..i’ll make my own living in a way i decide what i want to do and not what i’m told to do!
    Very interesting bit you wrote here 😉

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