What does the word ‘love’ mean to you?

Some say that a Wytch cannot know love. Still others say that someone who is Fae, even Unseelie Fae is incapbable of anything other than the deepest, most ferocious kinds of love that is almost overwhelming. I think somwhere between there is a mid-ground. I have loved, make no mistake. I loved the young man whose life I saved so long ago, and paid the price for my love. I have had my share of lovers, but even that was less about the emotion of love and more about physical satisfaction, convenience, companionship and my own selfish needs. There are still others whom I have come to love, in their way, and others whose very association means that you must love them with open hands only. By this, I mean that you cannot hope to hold them for any length of time. It is like when a butterfly lights upon the tip of your fingers. If you so much as move or even intake a breath, they are gone upon the wind. Such love as that is fragile, but no less beautiful.

And then there is my daughter, Maeve, whom I love more than I can adequately describe. Up until late this past summer, I had only known my daughter for a total of four days before I had to leave her within the care of others. My love for her adds a new dimension and something that I have not known readily. No doubt it will continue to unfold over time.

Muse: Fanny Fae
Fandom: Original Fiction
Word Count: 253


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4 responses to “What does the word ‘love’ mean to you?

  1. We love, lovely. And ’tis not always destructive.

  2. Love..what is it like?

    I am sad to say, I know love but not the kind you share with that special person, that one person you want to share a lifetime with.
    Oh yes, I loved, twice but I found out too late it was not what it seemed, I was into it upto my ears and couldn’t get out..twice i had to go through it and since I’ve not met anyone unmarried..or interested..it’s life.
    I get very lonely, but there are other kinds of love, like the love between a mother and daughter and I always knew i loved my mum but not until she passed away last year did i realise just how deep it went.

    I am happy for you that you too share that love with your own daughter and i wish you many many years of a happy relationship and the building of many wonderful memories for you and Maeve.

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