“What can you say is truly yours?”

There is one thing that I can claim as truly being mine and that is myself. Too many women, too many men, too many people are “owned” in one fashion or another. They are either indentured in servitude to husband, to Crown, to money, position, and even to fear. I was determined early in my life as Priestess and Wytch, ne’er to be owned by another. No man can claim that I belong to him only, nor can any Church nor angel nor Daemon of Hell lay claim to my soul nor to my Self. Be it success or failure, I claim ownership of all that passes in my life and that is the way that it should be.

What is inside, what I have gained, what I know, I have written in a book of my owne hand of write. Some call this a journal, a materia medica or a “Book of Shadows”. I merely call it my book. This book contains spells, written in English and Latin, Gaelic and Creole, along with my own herbal knowledge, which over the years is considerable. Within it are the things that most women have ne’er learned, nor been given opportunity to do so. Astronomy, mathematics, and the natural sciences. I have between heavy leathern covers and many pages pressed flowers and feathers, sprigs of sacred herbs gathered along my way.

When I am gone to the West, as someday we all must, the book will pass to my daughter. She is nothing at all like me. Though raised on the Fortunate Isle, she shuns the lonliness of the ways of Magic, and oft leaves the powers that she might of inherited by blood to lie dormant.One’s own Power, is the one thing thatI have endeavored to show her truly belongs to her. Without it, people trade off pieces of themselves, the give away bits of their lives, moment by moment living for someone or something else.

If you do something like that, i’faith, you may as well sell yourself into slavery.

Muse: Fanny Fae
Fandom: Original Fiction:
Word Count: 341


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6 responses to ““What can you say is truly yours?”

  1. I had to think but a second.
    I could say, myself, or my house etc but everything can be taken away, even me.
    I know all about it as certain things in life can (and did at hard times) truly take your very soul, your core, yourself.
    No, only one thing i call truly myself, my thoughts an dreams.

  2. What of Needs?

    I don’t speak of superficial needs, but hunger, for instance. Because we reside within the physical plane are we not also then, by your definition, indentured slaves to hunger? I understand what you say about other things, for those are defined by lesser needs, but unless you have no need of the body, it must be fed. N’est pas?

    • Re: What of Needs?

      Hunger is a basic need. If you are hungry, you eat or feed those needs and hungers. I take it you are not just talking about food are you? 😉

      Unlike you, my friend, I do not feed the way you do. I do however, have an understanding with those creatures upon which I feed, be they animals or even plants. As far as the more carnal pleasures – I have an understanding in that area, too.

      • Re: What of Needs?

        Good, and I agree, basic needs are not always part of a journey into slavery. I do not feed the way I used to. It’s all quite civilized now.

        I am interested in the kind of understanding you have with the creatures upon which you feed?

        :: smiles :: Carnal pleasures are quite addicting, but luckily also in the catagory of basic needs. I’m sure within 400+ years you’ve fine tuned your knowledge.

        I am still interested in something you said previously, about the mixing of our kinds, whether it be for the good or detrimental. Please, if you will, clarify this for me.

        (pardon if this shows up twice as I tried posting from email but it didn’t seem to take me anywhere)

        • Re: What of Needs?

          The creatures that I feed upon, be they plant or animal, have a governing spirit. Whenever one takes the life of something else, you should first give thanks for their sacrifice so that you might live. So many forget this important thing, thinking it frivolous to make even the smallest acknowledgement toward the spirit of the being that has given the ultimate sacrifice. To me, it is arrogance not to do so, and as such, for my efforts, it has made me more aware and assisted me in my mindfulness in the world.

          As for carnal pleasures – can we ever get enough of them or have perfected them to the degree that we do not desire to do more of either? 😉

          As to mixing our kinds, you being Vampire, and I being at least in-part Fae, how incredibly powerful they would be. Could the world handle such a thing? Or would they in fact think it an ‘abomination’? My curiosity, I admit has the better of me.

          • Re: What of Needs?

            Were I still feeding upon others, as I once did, I would likely, now, having read your ideas, ask it’s forgiveness. I am very different from the young naive man who was brought across over 500 years ago. Because of circumstances having to do with being responsible for a human woman who’s life would have been in grave danger if anyone from my community knew she was aware of my kind, I was transformed by the experience. I do not take so lightly, any longer, what I should have done more responsibly when I was younger.

            I say, nay, Lady Fanny Fae, we can never get enough nor likely have perfected our carnal ways. Continuing to seek perfection should be the goal. [smiles]

            Regards the mixing of our kinds, there will never be a time even if we did the greatest good for the world, when they will completely accept us. They are too afraid of what they do not know. But should that stop us from mixing? No. Not if we are like mind. Unfortunately, as has been seen so often through the history of vampiric siring, that which is brought across is more often than not changed entirely. Still, I do believe, from those I have known personally and about, there is the smallest essence of the original which still resides within the beast. So if that essence is good, it will find a way to drive the beast toward, shall we say, lesser evil?

            The world thinks anything which differs from it is abomination. Shall we allow their ignorance to sway the course of our own lives?

            There is nothing wrong with curiosity especially if you know how to temper it with caution.

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