What is so important to you that without it, life would not be worth living? Why?

When I look over my life, as a Wytch, and as all of the other things that I have been, I have seen and experienced, I know that there are few things that I could imagine as being so important that I couldn’t live without them

There is my daughter, Maeve, whom I have only recently got to know.I lost her to seventeen years of separation by necessity and by choice. I learned to live without my own child at my breast. I have had lovers whom I fought by their side, until alas, I lost them, too. . I have been wealthier than the wildest dreams of most, and I have lost all that I had, only to regain it once again. I have even lost touch with the very magicks that were mine, to regain them again. The very few things which I can no longer do by magick, I have found a way to work around. I’faith for these things I have always had my own mind, and my own very Self, and kept my own counsel and determination on all matters.

If I truly desire something, it becomes mine by my sheer Will alone. The only thing that I would say that would be so important that I would no longer wish to live, would to be to lose that Will and to become a mindless slave to anything. Particularly if I were to resemble a mindless slave to someone else’s ideals whereby I would lose all connection to my own Will.

Muse:Fanny Fae
Fandom:Original Fiction / Folklore & Legend
Word Count:: 260


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2 responses to “What is so important to you that without it, life would not be worth living? Why?

  1. The relationship between you and your daughter is tarnished by so much bitter history, how is that you’re able to see past that?

    • ~smiles slightly and shakes her head~

      I’faith, Jareth, there are some days where I have absolutely no idea how I am able to do it. I could easily speak in metaphor about motherhood being ‘different’, and the connection being one that is never broken, and yet I have seen mothers who are able to all-too-easily disown their children for whatever reason.

      Speaking only for myself, I would no more be able to turn my back on her any more than you probably could turn your back on your Kingdom and those who live there. You are charged with a trust, that on some levels, borders on being something that could be almost considered sacred – but on some levels might be also considered selfish. The love of a mother, as I suspect the beneficience of a King can be considered selfish on one level and yet….not. I don’t know about that, but perhaps you could explain it to me. *smiles*

      Bitterness, hardship – obstacles, would they deter a person who had that type of fierce connection to their child? When I look at the face of my daughter, I see not a single bitter event in my life, but seek to somehow find a way to make amends for those years we were apart. Both of us are still learning our ways, to be sure, but again, that is part of life, and this is but another page or chapter in it.

      Thankfully both of us are too damned stubborn to give up on that life.

      OOC: Sorry I have been so slow. I have been out sick since we last spoke. I will be working on the next story installment that I mentioned in my latest email to you. I hope you got it, I got a possible bounce report from my ISP.

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