Responsible or Bad?

If you could do one totally irresponsible or even bad thing with absolutely no consequences, what would it be and why?

Such a situation simply does not exist. I have absolutely no idea how to do something, “irresponsible” or “bad” without having consequences attatched to it. You might as well be describing colour to a blind man for all the relevence this particular question has for me. I was raised being responsible – raised to be Wytch, Priestess and Mother. I could no more shirk responsibility than I could deny myself. Don’t think I am being noble. I am simply statng the truth.

As for the so-called “bad” things I have done; make no mistake, II have done my fair share. And always, without exception, there was some sort of cost attached for my having done them. One must always weigh cost against gain in any endeavor in life. E’en when I was living as a pirate with Captain Douglas Francis O’Reily, every act, especially of piracy, had a consequence attached.

But those stories are for another time and in more private quarters than these, and only with those whom I would choose.

Muse: Fanny Fae
Fandom: Original Fiction, Folklore & Legend
Word Count:187

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One response to “Responsible or Bad?

  1. Thanks

    Aye, you are right luv.
    I said in my reply to this very question i’d join a crew or go out on my own some day, i want to be a pirate some day.
    I didn’t comment on it having no consequences but by saying it would be irresponsible as the life would be far more dangerous then the one i live now i answered it i guess.
    Anything and everything has consequence, but sometimes what seems most irresponsible turns out the best decision you ever made, i have found more then once.

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