What is your worst character flaw?

I could be accused of many character flaws, and some are contradictory in nature. I have been told I am power hungry and egotistical and in the next breath too humble and seek to be in the background. I have been told that my fuse is too long and my temper too short. I am told that my sexuality is so far uncontained and because of that I am difficult to control. One man has deigned to tell me that I should be properly affixed within the confines of a proper woman’s roles and given a swift and firm beating in order to curb my inclinations toward independent thought.

But perhaps the most unforgivable character flaw within me is that I am a Wytch. I think for myself and I do for myself, and what is even worse is that I am completely unrepentant for being any of these things.

Muse: Fanny Fae
Fandom: Original Character / Folklore / Mythology /Legend
Word Count: 151
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2 responses to “What is your worst character flaw?

  1. a swift and firm beating

    given a beating because you failed to adhere to his pathetic and ridiculous standard?

    I don’t really know you, hell, I don’t really know anyone using livejournal save for maybe two or three people, but anyone claiming superiority over another can kiss my leftovers

    reading from your journal, I feel you are worthwhile, intelligent and marvelous

    If I still fell prey to my sexuality, I’d do whatever I could to enjoy a seduction involving you and your magique

    but to read that anyone demands another live within coral, cage or caricatured vision.. well, it’s just too silly to dignify such notion with the mind-warp the dude has coming

    people never cease to affirm suspicion that some are difficult to respect as anything other than monkeys masquerading as humans


    131 words

    • Re: a swift and firm beating

      I thank you, sir, for your kind words. Unfortunately, you are correct. The world is filled with those who are no more than wastes of DNA, and social experiments gone horribly awry. My words are reflections only – and surely I would never put up with a man who would beat me. However, be that as it may, there are still those who feel the need to prove themselves men by inflicting their shallow opinions upon the minds, bodies and lives of women.

      I think our current administration, its constiuency and their obvious agenda is solid proof of that.

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