Alright…I’ve had enough!

This week’s questions is one of the most vapid ones to date.

Blue: Write a ficlet inspired by the word blue. It might be a color, it might be a mood, it might be the name of your favorite hound dog from when you were 10. Whatever! Use your imagination.

I want to know who is responsible for these?! The last three weeks showed some promise that the group was actually getting better in the way of the questions being posed, however, right now, I am thoroughly disappointed.

I am going to do some serious thinking about whether or not I plan to stay. I am not the only one who has felt this way. I know that nearly all of my writing partners in the group are also fed up with the questions.


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4 responses to “Alright…I’ve had enough!

  1. how about “Blue is the color your backside is going to be, if you give me another crap question.”

    nah, probably not.

  2. I agree, Fanny. It isn’t just the questions, but it seems like all the questions are the same. When did you feel the most alone? When were you most scared, write about blue..

    It is all just..BAH

    • Isn’t there a time or place we can protest? I really don’t want to piss off the moderators of the group, but at the same time, *what* interviewer EVER asks such incrediblely stupid questions?

      I think the mods need to read Barbara Walters’ book, “How to Talk to Anyone About Positively Anything”, or an old Writer’s Digest book, “The Craft of the Interview”. Isn’t that really what we are doing on TM? We are interviewing the muses. I understand that we have a large number of people and it is hard to ask questions that are meaningful for everyone, because everyone is different. But what about something like:

      “Who in your life effected you most for good or for ill? Give us some detail about who they are and how they affected you.”

      “What are your ambitions in life? Tell us what drives you and why.”

      I want to know more about your character, for example. I want to know what it is that makes Selina Kyle / Catwoman tick. I want to konw about her as a person – just as I would want to know about anyone who is a friend, a celebrity, a person on the street etc. I do not give a brass farthing for anyone’s thoughts on the word ‘blue’ for example.

      I wonder if I can protest publically in Theatrical Fen.

  3. Actually, I would think this one of the less insipid question. But you are right. Even my mun’s other muse, who is a very silly girl, has grown irritated with the quality of a number of questions, and being here since the community’s inception, you would think her used to them.

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