What is your favourite time of day? Why?

Ever since I was a young girl, I have always loved twilight the best, especially in summer. There is something so positively magical about the sun slipping from the sky, and the brilliant hues that are painted as a last, loving farewell. Reds and oranges fade into magenta’s and curealean blues, and purples. When the last bits of light kiss the day goodnight, fireflies began to shew themselves like Fae lanterns beckoning a would-be adventurer to the land of Faerie to the edge of the woods. The hollows and gnarled trees are barely discernible, but somehow, you could see just enough to make your way into that mysterious place and dance the night away with Seelie nobility.

That time of night is still my favourite now. Nowhere was the sky more colourful than over the Fortunate Island, and as twilight fell over the Palace of the Winds, I loved to stroll the gardens with Sebastien. Sometimes we’d stop by the very large Mimosa tree that is near the fountain, the same fireflies everywhere. Every once in a while as we savoured the moments there, a little bat that lives under the eaves of the house would fly past us, and take a quick sip of water before he flits away once again. The creature would do this three or four times, a’fore disappearing into the night in search of prey.

By this time usually, Sebastien and I well knew that the day’s work was done and that the night, was truly ours and we would get to do what we wanted to do with our time. That, of course, could have been any vast number of things.

Muse:Fanny Fae
Fandom:Original Character / Folklore /Mythology / RPF
Word Count:307
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4 responses to “What is your favourite time of day? Why?

  1. *chuckles softly* Long walks under the moonlight? Sounds like something that stepped out of Ye Olde Booke of Clichés, pardon the expression.

    • *raised eyebrow* I don’t recall mentioning the moon or its light in what I wrote. Between ourselves, Jareth, I don’t particulary care for moonlight. It’s too stark and lacks subtlety. Its the subdued light, the light that is filled with colour that appeals to me. I suppose however, the rare harvest moon, when it is briefly blood red in the sky that has its points.

      So much for that book of cliche’s you mentioned. *grin*

      • Ah, then I stand corrected. There is an unseemly fascination with the moon nowadays, if it were more than just a piece of rock merely reflecting what the sun has to give.

        • *smiling* It’s quite alright. On that we definitely agree. I am not sure what the whole appeal of the moon is, particularly among those who fancy themselves to be Wytches. Granted there is an effect it has on the tides and our bodies because our bodies are made mostly of water, etcetera, etcetera….but does it cast light to make anything grow?

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