What is the one thing about yourself that you don’t want anyone to ever know

Fanny lets a cryptic smile come over her face

I’faith, you must think I am quite the a fool to reveal that one thing to you. *laughs softly*

It is a transgression of the laws of power that you allow all of your secrets to be known. Do you not realize that in order to have complete power over anyone, you find that vulnerability, that weakness, that one thing, to use as the perfect thumbscrew and you apply the proper pressure to it?

It has been said that “no mortal can keep a secret. If his lips are silent, he chatters with his fingertips, betrayal oozes out of his every pore.” Secrets are not limited to what we speak out loud, but rather in every gesture, predjudice and preference. One need only be observant in order to learn just what it is. The riches of King Solomon’s Mines are nothing by comparison to the treasure troves of weaknesses and vulnerabilities in everyone from the meanest servant and slave to the grandest of monarchs.

It was by this this alone that I was able to overthrow Morginenne, the High Lady of the Fortunate Isle and usurp her office and authority. Even though I left it by choice, my influence still holds sway there. Let them try to come and break my hold upon them, for none of them are clever enough nor in close proximity enough to find that one thing that would be my thumbscrew.

My one deep, dark secret that I wish no one to know, you ask?

Go to hell. I’ll not be telling you, either.

Muse: Fanny Fae
Fandom: Original Character / Folklore & Mythology
Word Count: 271


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7 responses to “What is the one thing about yourself that you don’t want anyone to ever know

  1. I, myself, have no clue what secret to keep.

    I believe I keep more only for a short time from my family… than from trusted friends.
    I’m rather cautious I would think. Eventhough some may differ.

    What secrets I hold that I cannot nor dare not allow others to know. That one secret a few trusted individuals already know. Such as you, my dear Fanny.

    • Then, dear friend, play those cards close to your breast and keep your dagger at hand always. For you never know when one of the few trusted individuals might turn. I would ne’er have reason to betray you – but there are those who might do so in hope of some sort of political or power-driven expediency.

  2. In the simplest of terms, if we were to reveal our secrets, they’d be secret no more. So what’s the point of asking, really?

    • ~smiles~

      Indeed, Jareth. I don’t know about you, but I find some of this line of questioning of late rather invasive. Would you ask anything so impertinent so directly? I would like to think that I know you wouldn’t. You have always struck me as being far too subtle for that.

      It all brings to mind something that the human general and dictator statesman known as Julius Caesar once said;

      ‘the problem, dear Brutus, is not in keeping a secret, but in telling it once too often.’

      I have always remembered that, and I remembered quite well what history said that they did to Caesar. I often wonder if he did not meet his end because he, too, told one secret once too often?

      • You take example from a man who stood a little too long in the spotlight… An ultimately it lead others to point out his weaknesses.

        That line of questioning may be invasive, but I think that that’s the whole point… To see our reaction, whether or not we actually answer.

        That I have declined to answer at all is besides the point, naturally. *laughs*

        • That line of questioning may be invasive, but I think that that’s the whole point… To see our reaction, whether or not we actually answer.

          And maybe for some of us, the answers given are what we want others to see – rather than what is real? We all wear masks of a kind, and in my opinon, its up to the observer to find out where the lines of demarcation truly lie. *nefarious smile*

          That was one question I sincerely doubted you would answer’.

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