What is your greatest strength?

It really all depends on when you were to ask me that particular question. Time was, I would have told you that my intimate understanding of Power is my greatest strength. I know what Power in all of its forms feels like, smells like, tastes like – and it isn’t so much that it is an obsession for me but an appreciation of it. Others would say that being half human and half Fae, I can see the sides of both worlds. From where I am standing, it isn’t always a strength to be not one or the other but both. In such a position, you are viewed as suspect, and group identities can, I have found, divide just as easily as they unite.

Upon greater reflection, perhaps my greatest strength lies in the fact that I believe. Or maybe eén there are times when I do more than just believe – I know. To Will, to Dare, to Know….to Keep Silent. All of these things make up the Wytch’s pyramid, but of the four; to Know, that one is that holds all else together. It is also in the knowing that we in essence never truly know anything at all – within the realm of the unending vastness of all of the Realms of Existence.

That and I am too damned stubborn to eér give up.

Muse: Fanny Fae
Fandom: OC/ Folklore/Mythology
Word Count: 226
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2 responses to “What is your greatest strength?

  1. Interesting.

    It may describe you Fanny, but it also describes a Kemetic Priest to Sekhmet we both know as well.

    Very nicely written.

  2. There is also something to be said for the part about keeping silent, Madam. This is something that I hope to impart to your daughter.

    It’s a lesson that she seems to be learning quite well.

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