What is the best present you have ever given someone?

How is it that you can expect me to judge that? I’faith, is it not up to the person to whom you gave the gift in the first place to determine whether or not it was the ‘greatest’ gift that you have ever given? What if the gift given, I feel is the greatest gift of all, and it is scorned by the recipient? Is it still the greatest gift given, or is it something that will be discarded, unappreciated in the back of a closet or drawer or beside the road as something completely expendable?

I can only say what others have told me is the greatest gift that I have given them. Whether or not that is true, is not mine to judge. My consort, Sebastien, insisted that the greatest gift that I have given to him is my love. With that, he said, came redeption for those things which he had done in the past. He in turn healed the small child, the girl and the woman who was convinced that she would never know love. It has become a mutal gift that now magnifies itself.

I can, instead, say the greatest gift that I myself have been given, which mirrors that of my consort. I have been gifted with his love and I have been gifted with the opportunity to be more than I ever dreamed possible. So in the end, all of this comes down to the greatest gift that I have in fact allowed for myself.

Muse: Fanny Fae
Fandom: Original Character / Folklore / Mythology
Word Count:260

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