If you could find out one single fact about every person you met, what fact would you want to know,

I want to know what it is that drives them.

I want to know what motivates them. I want to know what words to say in order to titilate them, I want to know what it is that pushes the envelope and gets them on a deep emotional level. I want that one thing that can set their soul on fire. I want that pressure point, that thumbscrew to apply, so that all I have to do is merely squeeze and they will do exactly as they are wont to do. I am fascinated by the process of how people give and take power. To watch them give it away so easily, to seek it so blatantly, to lose themselves on those things that has tripped up just about every other person in history, that to me is a heady draught.

But none of this is very difficult to find out, really. I pay attention to gestures, words, unconscious signals. People have this incredible penchant for broadcasting who and what they are. There are those of us who understand and speak that language fluently. I merely have to listen and appear interested and the information spills over their lips like water flows over the rocks in a stream. You then find the part of them that is like the helpless child. Woe to those who talk of their hapless childhoods. This is a key that unlocks many a door to a person’s….weaknesses. You look for cotrasts, find the weak links, and then you fill the void and feed off their emotions, for they will reveal them. Those who lose their control on that, have handed their power over on a silver platter, with a gold engraved invitation, too.

And that is one that I am more than happy to accept.

Muse: Fanny Fae
Fandom: Original Character / Folklore / Mythology
Word Count:303
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2 responses to “If you could find out one single fact about every person you met, what fact would you want to know,

  1. *looks at Fanny Fae taking in what she says and lets her come to the realization of who he is*

    I see some things remain constant, Fanny. You haven’t changed a bit.

    • ~Fanny’s face turns ashen and she stops in her tracks. She wants to move but she can’t, her feet frozen in the spot and she is unable to move. She stuggles with words, recognizing a face believed long gone.~


      I watched you and the Reaper go down to Davy Jones’ locker, and I mourned you for many a year. How is it you come to be here now?

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