Who Do You Miss The Most?

I spent the better part of this morning going over the momentos of Sebastien’s and my life together. None of them, my courtiers, can understand why I choose to walk on this side of the Fortunate Island, rather than behind the protection of the veil of the Mists.

I have tried to trace all of the births throughout the world of men since Sebstien’s passing. Now, it has been thirty-odd years since the voice that was my consort’s soul has been silent. Which can only mean that he has been reborn once more. Then again, perhaps it is a cruel Fae joke. I dare not ask Nuada, or Jareth or anyone else to try to divine, to discern, to tell me for certain, lest my greatest hopes and dreams be dashed upon the rocks of dispair and I will lose what little hold I have left on my own spirit.

One item, above all, is my most precious possession. It is the charm on a chain that Sebastien bought for me on the eve of our bonding. The gold filagree is so finely engraved, I have never seen it’s like. The love and care that went into its careful craftsmanship is obvious. Sebastien made certain it was his to his own specifcations that it was made. The money was that which came from the most legitimate of his endeavors. I knew for a fact that he had not robbed nor gambled for it, I am certain. For he had almost a superstitious belief that if anything so precious were purchased with any ill-gotten gains whatsoever, then whatever venture or person attached to it would somehow be tainted somehow. He was so very careful in that.

How I miss him! How I miss the feel of his body, with the almost ethereal warmth in the mornings and at night. I miss the gentle touch of his fingertips and how he would breathe my name against my lips. I miss the ache that never left me but for a moment of satisfaction, only to build to such a tight tension in the floor of my belly through the rest of me. I miss that at no time during our day could we stand to be out of sight of each other – if not within arms length and touch. Is it too simplistic to say that never in my 560 years of existence have I ever loved any other man – whether he be human or Fae – as much as I loved Sebastien Gilluaume de Rochefort? Soon will be the anniversary of our union, and I plan to make a pilgrimage to his grave and share a glass of champagne with him, shed a few tears and go back home….and to wait.

Muse: Fanny Fae
Fandom: Original Character / Folklore / Mythos / Meta
Word Count: 505

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  1. I love this. Thank you for posting it. I have been vary tired and down tonight.

    Your prose, no matter on what the topic, somehow lifts my spirits.
    Thank you.

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