A Polite Request:

To those of you on my friends list, and those of the mun! journal, niankhsekhmet, would, you /could you PLEASE use an LJ-cut when posting images and any long and verbose posts? I live out in the boonies, and while I know that this isn’t anyone’s problem but mine, this means I am on dialup. In short, I will end up getting high-speed internet like the rest of the civilized world in about five years or more precisely when hell freezes over. I do not have cable, I do not have DSL. Unlike some of you who are so very spoiled you don’t even remember what it is like to have to wait several minutes for a single page to load, I am pleading, begging, cajoling, for the sake of my sanity, put it under a LJ cut. My speeds range between 14.0 and 41.0 bps at best. It’s not the greatest, trust me.

Those who do not, cannot or will not (or refuse to comply) with this humble request, unfortunately will have to be removed from this and niankhsekhmet‘s friendslists. This goes for communities that I am owner of, too. Most of you are very good at it and I thank you from the bottom of my dial up modem. Please know that if you are removed, it isn’t personal, however, I am very tired of having to ask for this very small consideration.


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10 responses to “A Polite Request:

  1. Although you mention no names, I sense, that I am one of the offenders, if not the primary one that inspired these requests.

    I have gone back at least two weeks and lj cut posts with graphics. The exception to this are two news articles and my last image to Meteru.

    Let me know if these freeze up your system and if they do, I will put these under lj cut as well.

    Now as to the font size. I use a standard size 5 font. Depending on the font face, I increase that to a 7. This is particularily true if I use Garamond.

    People with failing eyesight need larger fonts just so they can see something. Such is the case here with me.

    What size font would you prefer? Let me know and I will use it when posting on lj.

    As far as being verbose, well, there are people who are and there are people who are not. I used to be very terse and spartan in my writing. To my shock I found people took that to mean, I was secretive and not forth comming. I vowed to change. Now that I have, I find some people think my style is quite verbose and I am long winded.

    Reminds me of the adage of a man, a boy, and their donkey on way to market in the city. You cannot please everyone all the time.

    Take care.

    • It is not just you. There are plenty of people who offend on this count. I am in theatrical muse, and I may have to duck out of that group because there are people who just cannot have this slight consideration on this small little thing. From a bandwidth standpoint, I just can’t do it anymore.

      A LJ cut takes all of two seconds to code, and I refuse to recode my entire LJ just because that a large body of people are so bloody rude that they cannot take two seconds to show such consideration. I cut my own posts and those of out of consideration to my friends list. Why is it too much to ask?

      • I agree.

        That is why I responded with such speed with a reply and a comply.

        I have dial up as well as you. I know it takes ages. I guess I just used to waiting for things
        even when I did not have to.

        Thanks for the reply.

  2. Don’t worry, I figure this isn’t me since I try to be aware of the sizes of my posts and I cut frequently… as a general query… what do you, as a dial up user consider too much text for the friend’s page before a cut is needed? I ask because it would actually help me understand what people might find as too much.

    Good luck! frankly, I find the non-use of cuts anoying, on broadband too, for other reasons.

  3. I wish I had read this before I posted the results of the quizilla ‘What is your daemon?’ thing. It wasn’t worth your time or telephone hassle. Will try to remember.

  4. P.S. It had never occurred to me and I have never seen anyone ask this before so please forgive me.

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