Write about an overheard remark or secret that you were not supposed to have heard.

“She must never find out what happened to her mother,”Morgienne’s voice hissed, “the favour of Gen Ceanach was mine to take and that bitch, Moira, overstepped her authority. At any rate, it doesn’t matter anymore, “Morgienne sniffed indignantly, “for all intents and purposes, I am Faelyn’s mother now.””

“But Moira was a gifted priestess, and a friend to you,”Baldric’s voice soothed. I could hear the pouring of liquid from a flask into a goblet, “was it her fault – or the child Faelyn’s that Gen Canach chose her mother instead of you?” he asked.

“Chose?”Morgienne bristled, “Gan did not choose, Moira. The tart all but placed herself strategically anywhere he was and lured him to her bed!”

“And so now we have a Halfling product of their union, “ Baldric said quietly, “Surely that can afford you some bargaining power with the Unseelie.”

I heard Morgienne give a soft laugh, it was the sound she made when she believed that she held all of possible strings of power in which to pull them and draw them to herself. I could see it in my mind’s eye, even though I was listening from a hidden alcove and could not actually see her face.

“Indeed, “Morgienne continued, “Queen Annwynn seemed most interested in Faelyn and her prospects to be wed to one of her sons. And if the daughter is anything like her true mother, I give her a short amount of time before she is gotten with child and then the succession will be clear.”

“And….”I could hear Baldric piecing together what Morgienne was inferring, “so with Faelyn providing the heir for the succession, you would naturally claim your stake in the bargain?”

Morgienne did not answer. But I swear I could have heard her smile.

I never forgot that conversation. Having overheard it was what revealed to me what type of creature that Morgienne truly was. It was this overheard conversation that would save my life in the end during the Fae Wars. At the time, Morgienne was the High Lady of the Fortunate Isle, and ultimately, she sought to rule. She had stooped to murder, and would broker me as little more than a broodmare in the bargain in order to see herself as Queen Mother over time. Such were the depths of her vanity and cruel ambitions.

But then she was nowhere near as cruel as I.

Muse: Fanny Fae
Fandom: Original Character /Folklore /Mythology
Word Count: 401
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