Have you killed anyone before?

ye. I have. More than once and certainly for a variety of reasons. My first kill was nothing so noble as self preservation or self defence. I poisoned my foster mother, Morgienne, former High Lady of the Fortunate Island. I did this in part because she had taken the life of my own mother, and partially because I wanted to usurp her place on the throne of the Fortunate Isle. *shrugs* And why not? She deserved what she got, just as I deserved the throne.

The others that have met death by my hand, it really had less to do with vengeance and more to do with what was in the interests of self-preservation and political expediency. Rarely has there ever been malice behind the taking of a life on my part. One of the great Laws of Power is that you never put too much trust in friends and you learn to use your enemies. And when you destroy an enemy, you need to crush your enemy totally. There can be no chance that the head of the snake can rear up and bite you later on, or that the progeny of the serpent you just slew will in vengeance return to roost where you are. A certain detachment is required, lest you become sentimental and soft hearted and forget that an enemy once smitten and left to live, tends to have a very long memory indeed.

Character name: Fanny Fae
Fandom: Original Character / Folklore / Mythology
Disclaimers warning: Frances Moira MacKay,aka Fanny Fae, aka Faelyn,
et al are based off of one of my ancestors and are therefore sole property of ME!
Challenge topic: Have you killed anyone before?
Rating: PG

Word Count: 238
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