What makes you angriest?

hat makes me the angriest is failure because a person refuses to try.

The words, “I can’t,” or”I cannot” are words I will never speak. If I choose to do or not to do, then it is my will that makes it so. But to surrender and an excuse, to crumble, and give up – such a thing is abhorrent to me. I cannot abide it when someone simply gives up. How can you give up if you still draw breath? Only the dead “can’t”do something.

Perhaps my own level of patience toward the word is such because the Fae are effectively immortal. We can afford to have the patience to wait out our enemies and win over a long period of time. Life has its challenges, but it also has its opportunities. You cannot if you say you cannot. Resignation to the sorry state of mind to which you might find yourself and giving up, is no excuse.

Muse:Fanny Fae
Fandom: Original Character/ Folklore / Mythology
Word Count:155
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5 responses to “What makes you angriest?

  1. Wow, funny you should comment on this. I had, this evening, someone (who is a VERY Progressive and activist oriented person in the Peace and Social justice movement) say in response to the Global warming crisis that he can’t do anything about that issue so he isn’t going to bother.

    Now this is a guy who is very outspoken and is passionate in his beliefs about justice and peace and racial equality and yet on the issue of Global warming he feels powerless and refuses to do anything as it is just an “elitist” cause…. and how can folks get involved with that when we have a corrupt govt…

    Strange how folks can be so passionate on one issue and on another feel like they can’t make any impact…..

    My head exploded almost. :>)


  2. Amen. My thoughts exactly.

  3. I cannot even count the days of my darkest hour — the days when I yearned for death to crush its grip upon me. But even then, my reasons were never because I didn’t think I could make it, it was simply because I chose not to. When I found my silver lining, however, I embraced it. If you look hard enough through the layers of darkness, there will always be a silver lining that patiently awaits.

    It is better to die trying than giving up completely. Although that is a belief among the Musketeers, I take it as my belief to life as a whole.

    • *locked to Athos*

      That’s what I have always believed, too, Athos. In all the years that I fought the Fae Wars, many times we were outnumbered. Did you know I was driven from my home by Prince Itet? I was an exile for a number of years, and yet that seed within me remained; never to give up, never to stop trying until I had obtained the objective of retaking my homeland. There were those around me who gave up, but I never did. I couldn’t. To give up would have been my end….and I have no inkling toward seeing my en for a very long time.

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