Screw NaNoWriMo….I just got approached again about one of my screenplays. I think I really need to finish it, because some of the things that have been said by interested parties makes me realize that NaNo is just something to do for fun. This one I can actually get paid for!

*deep breaths* deep breaths*….nope I am not hyperventilating….


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7 responses to “OOC

  1. *SQUEES and DANCES with you!*

  2. ooc

    *hands you a paper bag and blinks chuckling* congrats and good luck!

  3. Hey, awesome, congrats on the screenplay!

    I’m actually just dropping by to say a quick “You Rock!” in regards to your responses re: Sanskrit, Sumerian, and citing sources.

    • Oooh, Thank you on both counts! I am really excited about the screenplay. I am sort of overwhelmed about all that.

      And the one thing I get a little bit nervous about is when people claim something and don’t cite sources. Welcome to my LJ. 🙂

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