What is your greatest flaw and would you change it if you had the chance?

y greatest flaw?

I am a sovereign. I do not have any flaws. I have idiosyncrasies, eccentricities or certain tendencies. But these could hardly be termed ‘faults’. They are what make me unique and ingratiate me to all who come into my sphere. I have been accused of such singular arrogance that I am myself sometimes blind to it. I cannot really fathom that particular sentiment. Is there some law of nature that requires me to be mindful of how my sense of self-worth might possibly intimidate another? Why is this my problem? Of course I can be humble. I just don’t see the need to be overly apologetic for being unique.

If this truly were some sort of “flaw”, then of course, I don’t think that I would have any such compulsion toward changing it. Which of course, I could at any time if I chose to. However, I see no reason to change something in myself that is part and parcel of what it is to be a sovereign.

If we are talking about physical flaws, I like my physical appearance well enough. I haven’t had too many complaints, and I am comfortable in my own skin. If given a choice, however, I probably would like to be aging a little better. I mean, once a Fae woman hits over the age of 500, she tends to start showing little lines around her eyes. Still, that is easily enough fixed, so that really cannot really be considered a flaw either.

OOC: Topic borrowed from . No, I am not a member, and don’t know if I particularly am wanting to be. However, the muse wanted to take a crack at the topic. And yes, the mun is very well aware of Fanny’s flaws (plural); even if she is oblivious to them! *g*

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