Topic # 157- What is your worst quality as a significant other?

have always been extremely selective about who I take to my bed. So in this I am already not what most would consider ideal as a ‘significant other’. The worst quality that I know that I possess in that particular role is the fact that I cannot make that person, the centre of my world. More precisely, I will not. Princely responsibility is my spouse, and Power my paramour. Most husbands or lovers cannot bear the thought that it will rarely be them who keeps you up at night. It isn’t that I prefer the company of pen and parchment to the tender ministrations of my consort. However, if the needs of the Realm are not met, then there will truly not be time to languish under their attentive touch.

Nuada understood this, for he, too, was a sovereign. The Red King would have his own responsibilities and commitments to which he had to attend. And it was understood between us what was required. In time, we both knew that neither of us would place the other above that which was needful. We were both wed to Sovereignty and Sovereignty would always command our fidelity. The others in our lives, both Mortal and Immortal – most of them nobility, either Fae or Human – could at least relate somewhat to the concept of noblesse oblige. A long time friend, sometimes lover, a warlord no less, and I often talk of such things. Athos, once himself a Comte, and later, for much, much longer, Sebastien, also a Comte, understood very well what it is that I am saying here. It is not that I did not love them. I did and do. But that has little if anything to do with the true order of things.

Love, in fact, may very well be Lord of All in the eyes of the world. But to me and those like me, it does not erase that which needs to be done. For me, every word is calculated, every move carefully contemplated. Every breath is measured, strategised and meted out with these considerations in mind. Life is a chess game, and love both a battlefield and an accoutrement. Not many would put up with such in their significant other.

Muse: Fanny Fae
Fandom: Original Character / Folklore / Mythology
Word Count: 373


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5 responses to “Topic # 157- What is your worst quality as a significant other?

  1. I once considered following in your footsteps, Mama. I am not sure that my own heart is cut out to do as you have done. Certainly I want to understand my Fae ancestry. However, at the same time, I am unwilling to put everyone else’s needs before my own and that of the person whom I love; when and if that ever happens for me one day.

  2. *blinks some then smiles shaking her head* some people do not understand that sometimes there are more important things to worry about then laying in bed and tending to them.

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