Thank You

I am both awed and humbled by those who nominated me for the . It was certainly unexpected to say the least. Well so much for my hopes of being able to skip out of the awards unnoticed. It appears I won’t be able to do that now!

Being nominated as best parent, Hottest Historical / Female, Best original muse / female is indeed an honour. I am not altogether sure how my name came up as an honourable mention for “best feet”, I haven’t got too many strappy sandals where I have been showing off my toes off.

I would especially like to thank grissom_tm for being an absolutely wonderful person to write and roleplay with. You are always a gentleman and very courteous, in spite of all of your protestations at being socially inept. That we were nominated together for Favourite Non-Canon Couple and Couple So Hot, They Melt Your Monitor was a surprise. Neither of us tends to be very public about such things.

At any rate, I know I am up against some very talented and wonderful competition. I wish each and every one of you well in your categories and can say that many of you have filled me with awe many times over during the year. It’s been a pleasure to both read what you have to say and interact with those of you that I know on an individual basis. So, rather than pimp myself here, what I am going to do is gratefully and quietly say ‘thank you’.

(And to civ_barbarian; Hsu Darling, you and your mun deserve absolutely every nomination that you have gotten even the ones which you’d rather not have been nominated for in the first place. At any rate, no need to tell you my sentiments on this. You already know . *wry grin*)

OOC: Both mun and muse are very surprised. I know that Fanny was being very quiet about the Tammy’s this year, especially since the mun has had alot of things going on. Thank you very much on behalf of both fannyfae and myself.

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  1. OOC

    *dances around* Fun!

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