188 – Write two letters.

Topic 188 – Write two letters: One to someone you hurt and the other to someone who hurt you.

Mon Amour:

Had I but known that the impossible was made possible, I would never have agreed to marry Athos. I cannot justify having listened to any but you in this matter. You were gone for so long for the Cardinal and the winds of fervour were celebrating the betrothal even before I had agreed to it. Even King Louis was congratulating Athos and announcing it to the Court. All the while I wanted, I prayed that you would come and stop me from making such a blatant mistake. If I could have been afforded the reprieve of one evening with you in conversation, I know that none of it would have happened as it did. I would have heard from your own lips what I should have done. You alone would have dared to tell me the truth.

And in the garden, with a crumpled rose within your hand, I had thrust a dagger deep into your soul. The blood in your hand was your own, cut into your flesh by the thorns of that hapless bloom, but as you said, the barb I gave you cut far more deeply. You had heard of the news even before you arrived. And in looking at your face, I knew that I had done exactly the wrong thing. In that moment, I never felt colder nor more alone in my life.

You asked if I loved him and I could not bring myself to say, ‘yes’. You knew and yet there hung the unasked question between us; ‘did I love you?’ I can only say now, as I never got the chance then – without a breath of hesitation, that I loved you, then as now, as much as my own life. All I can do, Sebastien, is to beg your forgiveness. I never meant to hurt you. Then again, I never meant to hurt either of you.

Love always and in all ways,



I was never going to be the one to let you get away with what you had gotten away with all of those years. Did you honestly believe that I was as easy a mark as my mother had been? Did you expect to lure my father into your plan with me as bait? When I discovered what you did to my mother, to my priestess sisters to the Island as a whole, I was left with no choice. Did you think that you could quell the vengeance of Fae blood with mere words? Your death was as painful as I could make it without revealing what it was I was doing – and by the time I sent you to the Second Death, it was too late.

You aren’t ever coming back, and the only way that you live even now is only because I choose to remember you at all. All that you wrought, the throne and the Fortunate Island and it’s Power and Titles are now mine. Pity that you never took me into account.


Muse:Fanny Fae / Faelyn
Fandom: Original Character / Folklore / Mythology
Word Count: 498
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