Mun prompt: Have you ever forced your muse into a storyline that you just


Fanny / Faelyn from the moment I started writing her, definitely made it clear that she was not just  simply my puppet with which I could sort of stick her in any situation that I chose.   Instead, she decided early on what it was that she wanted to do and if I had made any plans that she disagreed with, that was just tough.  We have run into the situation in some of the muse communities on LJ with specific weekly prompts. If she thinks they are stupid or she doesn’t want to talk about that, there is absolutely nothing that I will be able to do to make her.

I once did that to her in a pirate plot where the Captain of the ship that she was on was more of a slut than Captain Kirk! She wasn’t interested in him at all and made it known that she wasn’t. While she weathered the situation through ok, I know that she was not very happy with me afterward. She dropped the storyline and the writing relationship very quickly, never to return. I cannot even get her to discuss it at all in any sort of detail. It’s one of those life events of my muse that she likes to now pretend never happened. She actually has a couple of those.

I once made the mistake of forcing her into a storyline that another mun and I had decided to put our respective muses into. I knew at the outset what her reaction to it all would be. At best she would have simply been bored. At worst she would have thrown a tantrum. I was right. It didn’t work for Fanny simply because what was required of her in the storyline ran completely counter to who she was or how she would have reacted in the situation. I got her to do a rep or two and then I couldn’t make her do anything else. I would stare at the screen and she just refused to budge on the matter. I forced it, and she just said, “This is you writing this crap, not me.” To be truthful, from that point on, what was written didn’t feel and it didn’t all read like her.

It wasn’t anything personal against that particular muse or the mun. However, she just simply was not going to give on the matter. To this day, I don’t know that the mun really was able to understand. To them, the muses we write are simply our own creation and we can make them do what we want them to do. Some muses may be that way, but Fanny is not.

Right now she has a few threads that she is involved in with several other muses. One is her her lifelong friend, Hsu Danmei, in another, she is writing with her husband, Sebastien de Rochefort, and another, with Gil Grissom from CSI, Las Vegas. Each one is in a separate period in time and she seems absolutely content with all the storylines. In spite of challenges within the plot that she has had to face, there has not been one single objection from Fanny on any of the storylines she is currently involved in. She takes it all in stride and deals with things as they come. All of we muns get along fine and in spite of our own personal schedule issues we might have, we have absolutely no problem interacting or being patient and waiting on each other.

I have come to one conclusion in all of this: When in doubt, trust your muse.

Muse: Fanny Fae / Faelyn
Fandom: Original Character / Folklore / Mythology
Word Count:589

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