Recurring Dream

Some say that the Fae do not dream. But I assure you that we do. In fact, I have a recurring nightmare that is a reliving of something that actually happened. We were guests at the Seelie Court, and if you think that the French are pretentious asses as far as their ceremonies, their arrogance toward others, they are the most congenial beings on earth compared to the Seeile Fae.

My husband literally ate one of them.

Yes, the Prince Consort of the Fortunate Island, Monsieur le Comte de Rochefort, Sebastien – whom at that moment I was loath to admit that I even knew, let alone acknowledge as my spouse, actually ate the chief handmaiden to Queen of the Seelie Kingdoms as if he were eating Ortolan. Although, unlike the French custom of eating some hapless sparrow that had been fattened and drowned in brandy by a chef, Sebastien admitted to having strangled the poor annoying, manipulative, haughty, little shape-shifting bitch creature himself, roasting her and eating her. He then washed it all down with an entire bottle of the finest Seelie port and had the temerity to complain that it was nothing compared to any number of French wines ! Sometimes I wake up at night and can still hear the crunching of her bones amid the wails of tearful protest and shock that reverberated through the entire Seelie Kingdom. I assure you, had we not had such a specific treaty that had been drawn up between the Fortunate Island and the Seelie Kingdoms, I think that war would have been declared, or at the very least, I would have returned home a widow.

It took me years to live down that incident. Needless to say, the Prince Consort has been permanently dis-invited from ever being able to set foot into the Seelie Kingdoms ever again. Shortly after arriving home from our long diplomatic nightmare, Sebastien received letters of invitation and some of outright admiration for what he had done. Not even the Goblins, for all of their lack of manners, even by Unseelie standards, had dared to do something so incredibly heinous in the eyes of the Seelie. I think that my Unseelie kin rather looked at him as having proven himself as one of them in the ways of causing nightmares – and more than just a little bit of admiration.

Of course, he tells it a bit differently.

Muse: Fanny Fae / Faelyn
Fandom: Original Character / Folklore / Mythology
Word Count: 362
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3 responses to “Recurring Dream

  1. ooc


    I can just see it now.

    Sebastien : What? Was it something I said?

    • Re: ooc

      Heh…Oh, Sebastien, I believe, knew exactly what he was doing on this one! No doubt he will comment at some point, but according to his mun, she envisioned him being egged egging on the little Demi-Fae creature who could shape-shift. He didn’t like her, and so he got to a point where he could render her harmless.

  2. And for the record, she was delicious.

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