villain vs. hero

Who is the hero and who is the villain depends greatly upon your point of view and where you find yourself standing in this grand scheme of life. Who is a patriot and who is a traitor? Who is a defender or conqueror and who the usurper- all of these answers within the mind and hearts of those who recount what came to pass.

Who was the hero and who was the villain when my mother lost her life when I was so small? Was England wrong to lay ruin to the Scottish village of Dunnlauden and slay my Uncle who would bend neither neck nor knee to them in acknowledgement of their so-called ‘authority’? Who was avenged and who was aggrieved when I took the life of Morgienne with my own hands in vengeance for her complicity in my mother’s murder? Who was wrong when I decided to remain true to my word and marry the wrong man, thus breaking the heart of the one whom I loved and who loved me? Who was the reviled one when the Comte de Rochefort’s men stabbed my fiance’ in the back and Sebastien slew them all himself in payment for their treachery against his one-time brother? Who was the wronged party when later both Athos and Sebastien met upon the field, costing my husband his very life?

A wise man once told me, well after I had grown to womanhood, and when I once had a doubt about which category I fell under, he allayed my fears. He took my small hands into his much larger ones that were like great gnarled bear paws, “Listen t’meh words of prayer, child,” Nevan said stroking across the backs of my hands with his thumbs, ” Listen t’ them carefully and ye’ll find the answer t’yer own questions: ‘ When I whet my flashing sword and my hand takes hold in judgement, I shall take vengeance upon mine enemies and I will repay those who haze me…’ .” The rest I knew, even though I was no practising Catholic. In those days, in those moments, came the reassurances of a father to a daughter. And there also came the same sort of reassurances from a husband to his wife; whether villain or hero, one does what one must. It should be of little concern how the rest of the world views you – as long as you can end up living with yourself.

Muse: Fanny Fae / Faelyn
Fandom: Original Character, Folklore, Mythology
Word Count: 396
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