ROTM – Mandatory Mun Prompt: Mandatory for all Members!

Name of Muse: Frances Moira McKay / Fanny Fae / Faelyn
Fandom/Type of Muse: Original Character / Folklore / Mythology
Link to muse profile page:
Mun name, nickname or handle: Christina, Xina, or niankhsekhmet
Best way to get a message to the mun: Write to fannyfae at gmail dot com
Do you use AIM or any other IM? AIM – Fanny Hackabout, ICQ 4699385 (if you use ICQ, all requests must be approved)
One hundred words about the muse that everyone should know:

Frances Moira McKay or Fanny Fae, born in 1444 Frances Moira McKay, of Clan McKay of Scotland, she is half-human and half Unseelie (Dark) Fae. She is the product of a devoted Priestess of the Fortunate Isle, and a Dark Sidhe prince, Gan Ceanach, which means “Love Talker”.

When she was a mere four years of age, Fanny’s mother died under mysterious circumstances and she was immediately raised by Morgienne, the Lady of the Fortunate Island as her own. Later it came to be revealed that Morgienne herself was complicit in the death of Fanny’s mother. In an act of blood vengeance, she killed her foster mother, usurped the throne and she assumed the role of High Lady of the Fortunate Isle.

Fanny is fascinated by all forms of Power and is an adept of it and often quotes its “laws” and nature. At times she is capable of the most incredible acts of abject cruelty and on the opposite side of the spectrum can sometimes be compassionate to a fault. Her most fatal flaw is an audacious arrogance that she rarely sees within herself but often drives her mun to distraction. She is quite loyal to those whom she deems as friends.

Available to roleplay? Yes, especially with those muses and situations that have an actual plot.
Posting tag: fannyfae, RoTM
Link to memories or tag page showing RotM posts: (warning: I’ve been really bad about my memories, but I am getting better about them!)

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5 responses to “ROTM – Mandatory Mun Prompt: Mandatory for all Members!

  1. Alright I just realized Fanny and Stuntman Mike have the same last name. Creepy!

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