Borrowed from my favourite Rogue _call_me_snake_

Comment on this post. I will choose six userpics from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are using them. Post your answers (and this explanation of the meme) in your own journal (if you want) so others can play along. Or post them here if you don’t want to toss it into your own journal.

armour – I loved this particular look because of how it presented Elizabeth Regina, Daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boelyn. Hair long and flowing, down to the waist, the armour custom made. It made me feel a little like Joan of Arc, leading my armies against Philip of Spain, defending our shores against an invading foe, standing to live or die among them as one for England.

for my people This was before the very first speech I gave to Parliament as Queen. My biggest concern was to quell the infighting that had been going far too long between Catholics and Protestants in England. The wars over religion were threatening to rend my country assunder from within, and I only knew that I wanted to put a stop to it and do all that I could to help my People. I was appointed as their guardian now. This icon conveys that sentiment.

the earl of sussex is here I did not know whether to be elated and relieved or break down into tears at the death of my half-sister, Mary. We got along when we were younger, and I confess, she was treated badly by our father. That resentment grew more intense when she became queen. When she died, it was both a great relief to know that I could not have that literal and figurative axe over my head.

royal favour – Ah, yes. The night of my Coronation Ball! It was a well-known fact that Robin Dudley was my Court favourite. He and I were both imprisoned in the tower as children at the same time when my sister, Mary was Queen. We both could have been executed at any moment. We developed a deep friendship. We loved each other well, but we had to be so very discreet when I was still but a princess. When I became Queen, suddenly I could behave as I wished! My sign of favour was a subtle touch of his collar and lapel, letting him know I wished to dance a volta and he was my choice. I love this icon because it shows the subtlety that was so very important between Robin and I.

red haired vixen – I liked this one because I have such a serious look to it. It is as if to say that if you give me enough mead, surely this red haired temptress will show you all the delights of a Fae Queen. 😉

majesty, there is a chicken on your head – My mun picked and named this one simply because she said it looked as if a chicken flew into my head and splatted right there!! I confess, I didn’t even think about it till then.


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11 responses to “Borrowed from my favourite Rogue _call_me_snake_

  1. One good turn deserves another sweetheart. Go ahead.

    • Gabriel! What a pleasant surprise! 🙂

      Suffer the Children
      Shh anim
      Not quite lying
      Well, technically
      Music (which is my absolute favourite!)

      • Yeah, well, I like these, they’re fun.

        Suffer the Children: Ah, that’s me with a nice young lady named Sandra on my lap. Cute kid. I was…. at the time I was… looking for something. Thought some kids might have had it. So I was having a nice time, talking with them, passing out candy, that sort of thing. In the process of hunting down a soul that would have meant the end of humanity if I had found it. I like kids.

        Shh anim: Ah. Well. That gentleman there in the picture with me is a detective of the Los Angeles Police Department. Nice guy. He was…. in my way. I thought it might be good he took, um, a little nap; law enforcement’s such tiring work…

        Not quite lying: Hehh… I’d, ah, been asked as to why some paperwork, some formal documents of mine, weren’t maybe in the best of order they could have been. Evasion seemed the. Better part. Of valor.

        Technology: Your Majesty has, I am sure, heard of Roger Bacon. And the tale of his mechanical head… Well, in the future, men develop things like that. They’re marvelous. I can never get them to work. Sometimes I lose my temper with them. *cough*

        Music: “Music, the greatest good that mortals know/ And all of heaven we have below.” *smiles* I love music. I’m sure that’s not surprising. I was out for a nice drive. In the desert. Listening to music and humming along.

  2. I’m curious to see which ones you choose…go for it.

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