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Comment on this post. I will choose six userpics from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are using them. Post your answers (and this explanation of the meme) in your own journal (if you want) so others can play along.

Within the cloak of Night: I particularly liked this one because of the lighting. It sort of serves as a visual metaphor of who and what she is; both Human and Fae, Dark and Light, Severity and Mercy (although she would never admit it). It is sort of like the Power that is hidden in plain sight. It’s there, you just have to look for it. She is not just one thing or the other, but both. This picture sort of shows that with it’s combination of dark and light.

In the pursuit of power (It’s Hsu’s favourite, so he insists I pick it) – Somehow I am not surprised that Hsu would pick this one! *g* This particular icon is one that Fanny actually had me design. It is something that she has said over and over again. She does what she does because she not only is fascinated by Power, she understands it, she lives it and breathes it every moment of her life. That consciousness, most people who are human do not understand. She is not entirely human and therefore Power just IS. It is there to do what you want with it whenever you have need of it, and it’s a tool. She realizes that few understand this concept at all. Hsu Danmei does understand it implicitly, so I think that is why they see eye to eye on a great deal.

primitive sun: Would you believe I actually swiped this image from another eBay seller? Fanny claimed it as hers. For her there is a deep symbology to it. She has a ceremonial robe that has that design embroidered on it, so she wanted it for her own.

Domina: I just loved seeing Fanny all trussed up in red leather, hair drawn back, her cleavage prominent and up front. Her collar completely made up of diamonds. The look, beyond it’s obvious sensuality, also implies strength, control and a certain untouchability. The message is she is very expensive and very elusive and knowing her greater secrets is going to exact a very high price – and even then you still may never be able to fathom her true nature. Sort of a bit like Power itself. 😉

ethereal blue: This one was made by my dear friend, jessierarr, who is sadly MIA as of this writing. I miss her terribly and her icon making talent – along with her writing of Athos , allfor_one, of the Three Musketeers fandom is obvious. One of Fanny’s favourite colours is blue. Her wedding gown, when she and the Comte de Rochefort were married, was in the deepest, midnight blue, flecked with gold and silver stars and jewels to resemble the night sky. Being Fae she is ethereal, and the blue is the blue of the High Priestess and High Lady of the Fortunate Island.

on the streets of Paris: This one I chose because of the composition. I love the fact that she can be in and around people socially, but at the end of it all, she really is not of them. Here she looks as if she has alot on her mind, and she usually does.


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20 responses to “Icon Meme from simplyjaye

    • ireland forever
      twins can’t believe it
      twins brothers (My personal favourite!)
      wee smile (this is something I long to see more of)
      ice on mine!…I can only imagine! 😉

      • Sorry I didn’t do this sooner!

        Ireland forever – Murphy is very proud of where he is from and Ireland is still a huge part of him even though he has been away from his native land for years now.

        Twins can’t believe it – He is always cussing and I have to have an icon with the f-bomb. This is also used for when he is surprised beyond words and is reduced to shouting.

        Aequitas – Latin for “justice”. As seen in the movie this is clearly a principle Murphy lives for.

        Twins brothers – Murphy loves his brother more than anyone else in the world and as much shit as they give each other they would do anything for their family.

        Wee smile – For as happy as a guy that Murph is, there are surprisingly few icons of him or Norman Reedus smiling. I think this is a great representation of his infamous mischievous side.

        Ice on mine – HAHA! This is from a deleted scene on BDS that can be seen on the dvd. (this is actually the scene where the brothers icon comes from) The twins were never told who was born first and the night after the day when they train Rozengurtle at the meat packing plant their Ma calls her boys. Connor is nursing his manhood with an icepack as he was kicked between the legs earlier by Rozie. Toward the end of the conversation Ma tells the boys that she will finally tell them who is older and they both wait anxiously like kids before Christmas. What she finally answers is “the one with the bigger cock!” and hangs up. Murph glances at Connor, then looks at himself and giggles madly to which Connor replies indignantly “I’ve had ice on mine!” I swear, it’s the funniest scene in the movie and it wasn’t even included in the final cut!

    • Only if you will, Edmond. *smile*

      JC- Sex-Angel Eyes
      The Count-Flirt
      The Count-Candlelight-Predator
      The Count-In love-lartisteaffamee
      The Count- Love- Mercedes-Memories

      • I will tell you here, if you don’t mind.

        I look feral and intense and that is because I was at that moment. Across the table from me was Mercèdès and I had her exactly where I wanted her in my plan for revenge. This was before I knew the truth about her involvement. Now it is an icon that I use when I’m basically…marking my territory.

        That icon, I made especially for you.

        There are too many memories…some are good and some are bad between Mercèdès and I.

        I liked the look of the Icon and so I wanted it for my journal. It is how I feel when I am in love. The look on my face explains that I am focused on the one that I love and that she gives herself to me. It’s not willing, mind you. But it’s passion and mystery and a great giving and taking between us.

        This is one of the first icons that my writer made for me and I like it. My eyes seem to have a way to entrance and captivate those that I’m flirting with, no?

        Death, be not proud. This icon represents so much about me. I’m contemplating a lot of things. Revenge, life, death. It’s who I am and what makes up a lot of my character.

        • Will you not take a look at my icons and ask about any of them?

          *smiling* I wanted to know the deeper story behind them. Thank you for telling me. I am very pleased at the one you made for me. *looking up at him* It has heat and there is so much there that you dont need to speak of, it is obvious.

          • Of course,

            Blooded Dagger
            Fanny Turban
            Our Sin
            Faelyn and Baby

            • Tears: This one is of me at the death of Sebastien, that day when Athos killed him. I was overcome with grief, wanting Athos to kill me, too. Of course, he didn’t. A very difficult icon for me.

              Blooded Dagger: This was at La Rochelle in France. There was skirmish between myself and those who were trying to prevent my leaving France at the time. The Comte de Rochefort was waiting to see that I made sail that night, and I would not be deterred. The blood on that dagger was that of my own servant who had been reporting to Cardinal Richeleau of Sebastien’s and my comings and goings. It’s just as well.

              Fanny Turban: I spent many years in the East. One of the things I loved when visiting my friends on the Barbary Coast, particuarly in Morocco and in Istanbul, are the elaborate touques and headresses that people wear. This one reminded me so much of the sensuality of the East; of spending the entire day at the baths preparing to be with your lover that night, and the moment when you are at last revealed, a jewel, a garden of delights for both of you to feast upon, it makes the heart warm thinking about it. *smile*

              Our Sin: This one created by of Sebastien and myself. Our sin was complicity. My sin was not having the courage to tell Athos that I did not love him, and Sebastien’s sin was not voicing his love for me before I agreed to marry his one-time brother, turned bitterest enemy. I also was complicit in that I never told Athos that Sebastien swore to make me a widow before I ever wore a wedding gown. I hoped it was only something he said in order to scare me, but I knew that my saying something would make it come to pass all that much more quickly. I didn’t wish death upon either, and so I stayed silent. That silence is one regret that I do hold, for Sebastien made quite good on his promise. We thought Athos dead, but of course none of us knew him to be Immortal. Later Athos returned the favour.

              Faelyn and Baby: This is of me nursing my daughter, Caroline. Caroline was not the first child I had, nor the first daughter. My first, Maeve, I had to send to the Fae kingdoms when she was but four days old. That was the most difficult thing in my life I ever had to do, but not to have done so would have doomed us both. This picture is about the tenderness that is between a mother and child . No words can describe it adequately.

              Deadly: This one my mun did. I could not resist the picture of white oleander. It is such a beautiful plant, but so very deadly. There are those that find me somewhat attractive and yet, if they knew the true nature of me, they would be certain to handle with care. I have knowledge of more poisons and their antidotes than many. The Plants are my allies. That is my Hand of Power – and you’re the only one I’ve ever revealed that to.

            • I hope to never see you use that crushed picture. It would, I’m afraid to say, break my heart.

              I did not know that you had a daughter. I have a son, although our relationship is tumultuous at best.

  1. dia de los muertos: This one I loved the artwork. One of the most wondrous festivals in the world that I’ve ever been to is the Dia De Los Muertos celebrations throughout Mexico. This tradition has spread throughout the world and I think it is wonderful to remember those who have passed on before us. Ancestors are the ones upon whose bones we build our own lives. Being grateful for what they have done and remembering them is the best thing we can do to honour them.

    hanging: This was in England, where I was about to be hanged for suspicion of Wytchcraft. I was freed at the last moment by a dear friend of mine. No one dared to defy him because of his rank and title, however, he did risk a great deal by doing what he did. I will always be grateful to him for that.

    Within Fae Realms: I love the glow of this one. I chose it for that reason. It reminded me of home.

    bella – pen: One of the few that shows me doing one of the things I most love – writing.

    blonde?! This is the one I’m really curious ’bout. – Yes, I bet you are! I decided a change of pace might be nice. Actually I was trying to keep from being recognized. I also wanted to see if it was true whether or not blondes have more fun. I am happy to say that this definitely must be an exaggeration on the part of some blonde somewhere who was feeling more than a little inadequate. 😉

    rosary Didja think I’d let this one go? The rosary has a particular sentimental value for me. It was given to me by the Sisters of Saint Rupertsberg at Bingen on the Rhine. I went there to study the work of their legendary Abbess, Saint Hildegard of Bingen, whom I have admired for the whole of my life. She was a poet, a composer, an herbalist, a visionary. There was such peace there as I have rarely known. For a little while I thought of renouncing everything and staying there, but of course I couldn’t. I am not a Catholic, but I find that much of the Catholic Faith has much in common with my own – in some ways it is the evolvement of what went on before. This rosary is one of the few keepsakes in my life that are most precious to me.

    Murphy, ye missed number six, ye know. 😉

    • Well fuck me, I was tired. Gimme a break.

      I must say, I prefer ye with darker hair. Maybe it’s just ’cause that’s how I’m used t’ye. Not that ye were ever ugly o’course.

      • It’s a’right, Murphy. No harm done. But far be it from me to miss an opportunity to tease ye – like any good sister might. *grin*

        Why, thank ye. I prefer it m’self, truth be told. If yer blonde it seems the whole of the population has an idea that ye must also be less than intelligent. A’sides, being dark haired and standing next to ye and Connor and Da, no one would question the possibility of us possibly bein’ related. But then, if I were to have gone blonde, it might raise some doubts.

  2. OOC: I love the composition of the last one too. It really says a lot. And Himself definitely likes and appreciates the Domina one.

    Speaking of Hsu, he wants a turn.

    • OOC:

      OOC: Thanks! And Fanny would be very pleased to hear of Himself’s approval. Hmm…torture scene. Sounds like a plan. 😉

      Alright then! Himself shall get his turn, of course!

      Warrior (for whatever reason that particular one is a real turn on for her!)
      Sooner or Later
      Like My Sword? (that one makes her want to cross blades with him. Swordplay…foreplay….hmm, yesss! Verrah nice!)
      3 P’s

      There you go! BTW, Fanny really didn’t want to stop at six. That is just the way that she is. 😉

      • Re: OOC:


        Obviously this is the name of my journal, but it was my default icon back when it was still dieterhaag. It is the face I show the world in general. The banker, the business man. Suit and tie. Very civilized indeed, but underneath there is always what I really am, the barbarian.


        This is a newer icon, made by who always makes excellent icons of that one actor who looks like me. It is of me, during my days as a viking, and I like to use it when I’m my warlord/warrior nature is to the fore, but it also has a more sensual element to it, so it also works when those primal, baser instincts are in action.

        Sooner or Later

        This is by , and it is used on those occasions when some one needs reminding that I will and do get my way. It also applies to my outlook on the Watchers, that I know this war will be long and bloody, but I will triumph.

        Like My Sword?

        One of my more light hearted icons. The innuendo is fully meant, as you say, foreplay. It gets used mostly when I’m flirting with someone, and works best when they are the sort to be easily intimdated.


        Again by . This is one of what my mun calls, sexy icons. Again, I used this when I’m flirting or just feeling friendly towards someone. I’m very relaxed here, resting against the wall. But I also have those leather pants on which many seem to like.


        I know that Frances appreciates this one as I do hers on the subject. The three Ps of my personal motto: Power, Profit, and Pleasure, in that order. The most important is Power, that which I have and that which I wish to have. Then comes Profit, if I cannot have direct power, then I’ll seek to make money from it. Of course, increased profit often results in gained power. If profit isn’t possible then I shall do whatever pleases me, whether it is sex, skiing or another enjoyable pursuit. Again, especially with sex the pleasure gained there can lead to power. In other words, everything I do is based on those three words, and the latter two always lead to the first.

  3. Thoughtful: I always thought this picture made me look rather contemplative. Sometimes looking thoughtful lulls the other person into thinking that you might be the least bit hesitant. I assure you, much like Mr. Grayson, I am rather decisive. I use this as a device.

    Temptation: This is one of those icons of myself that are ‘sexy icons’. So, who is the one being tempted here? I’ll never tell. 😉

    Closeup: I rarely let anyone get that close, but this one I reserve for the few times when I do.

    I didn’t want to want you: From the days when my husband, Sebastien and I first met. He and I began as adversaries. I think it was one of the few times I felt vulnerable – and absolutely desperate to know as much as I could about him. It was, of course, quite unexpected.

    Great ass: It’s another one of those sexy icons, taken by a friend who quipped, “You’ve got a great ass, Fanny Fae!” The stroppy bastard got a hair brush hurled at his head, but it was a rather nice shot.

    Time: Made by my mun. The name is rather an irony. I am wearing a watch -necklace and since I have been told I am timeless, therein lies the irony.

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