ROTM – 1.84.3 Dear Mun & Dear Muse

Write a letter to your mun. Tell him/her why you are thankful that they are your mun, and give them advice for things you would like to do. Don’t hold back. Let them know who is in charge.

I know that in the scheme of things somehow you and I are related. Know that since I have taken up residence here in this brain of yours, I can say that the experience has been mostly favourable. Certainly, it has been quite favourable to you. Before I came along, your penchant for flying off the handle over a vast array of incidents and issues were laughable. At least you are finally learning about real Power. Good on you.

Thank you for indulging my penchant toward exploration. However, we do need to work on the details. You need to just shut up and take notes from what I tell you. My details are fine. You are still hung up on those Strunk and White fellows and rule number 17 – something about eliminating all unnecessary words. Words have power, that is true, and the less one says the more powerful one can be, however, I do not need an editor.

I also thank you for not insisting I go into situations I would rather not, indulging my devotion to Sebastien and to those friends to whom I am most loyal. I am also grateful that you don’t let that other Queen, Elizabeth or Bess or whatever her name is, get more time than I deserve. She has enough people taking down her exploits, and yet none of them can agree. I will say it was about time you let me get out some of my more duplicitous and vengeful side. One can only be a wise and patient ruler to a certain extent before we go bored and in fact boring. Ah, so love the sound of screams in the morning!

Keep it coming.


Dear Fanny:

If ever there was a muse who simply would not let me alone, I would say it was you. I guess I really should thank you for being that still small voice in the back of my head that incited deeper thought before flying off the handle. You have had the most consistent run of any muses that I have written. I am not sure that I can adequately describe who you are to those outside of the relationship, but suffice it to say, I don’t think it really needs explanation. You speak, I take dictation. I don’t agree with you not needing an editor. Everyone does – unless you want to start sounding like that crackpot, Ann Rice. Though she is successful, she, like everyone else in the world needs an editor and so do you. Please know that this does not equal censorship. Yes, I know, you are still angry at me for interjecting my own agenda in your past, but that is over.

You and I have been fortunate in that Sebastien and his mun loves us both and puts up with a great deal. I love them both as well you know. However, if you would be so kind as to inform your husband that his tastes are extravagant and there is no way in HELL I am going to be able to buy him that bottle of Remy Martin Louis XIII until you two start making some profit for yours truly! The copies of his actual memoirs, both the one in French and the English translation were expensive enough although they were a worthwhile investment that opened both my eyes and the eyes of his mun. It has given us a great deal from which to draw and we are by far not even close to being done yet on that score. As for the Celtic mythos, dear heart, I never understood all that stuff. it seems such a hodgepodge to me, but I will follow your lead and just have to trust you.



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