OOC: Keep your political crap to yourself!

From now on it will be my policy to remove anyone from this journal’s friendslist who insists on ramming political ads down the throats of their readers. I can fully appreciate the enthusiasm toward a candidate, and the political process, but I am sick to death of hearing about X or Y candidate. If you *must* put up a political graphic, then limit it to ONE of a reasonable size, not twenty seven! And for godsake put it/them behind a cut! If you cannot or will not do that, then do not be surprised if you are removed.

I respect your right to a choice – respect mine for not wanting to have to be preached to about it on a constant basis. It’s none of your goddamned business who I am voting for – and conversely, it’s none of my goddamned business (nor interest) who you choose to vote for either.


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9 responses to “OOC: Keep your political crap to yourself!

  1. That’s such a great icon for this post!

    Question: Though I don’t ever promote a candidate, I do, on occasion, wax political. Would you like me to create a separate filter for that so these don’t pop up on your friends page? I’ve always appreciated discussion in favor of or against what I present, but if the content is offensive to you, I’m perfectly happy to avoid subjecting you to it.

    • *grin* I have always wanted an excuse to use that icon. 😉

      Please understand what I am saying. It isn’t so much about the content…it’s being picspammed on a daily or three times a week basis by enthusiasts of a certain underdog candidate of the Republican party – who will remain NAMELESS because I am not about to give him anymore publicity. Not from me!

      I am on dialup, so having twenty-seven images of very high bandwidth photos of this candidate and their eye-bleeding graphics basically ensures that I cannot do anything else. That is my biggest beef. Besides, I already know who I am voting for – and he isn’t being widely promoted anyway. 🙂

      • Thanks for the clarification. I actually feel your pain on this one. I’m also stuck on dial-up, and, well, my sentiments these days aren’t exactly leaning toward the Republican Party at all, so I’d imagine that sort of spamming would result in a similar post from me. 😉

  2. Have mine been a problem? If it has I will try to remember not to cause a problem.

    • Nooo! You’re fine! As I explained a bit earlier…I just got picspammed wiht like twenty-seven images of campaign pictures for a certain candidate. I mean, really. It’s great that they are supporters, but for crying out loud…for those of us on dial up, it locks up our PC’s really bad!

      Not to worry. I get lots of good stuff from you. 🙂

  3. LMAO!
    Girl… I think I’ve gone bonkers m’self with all these bleedin’ damned ads all over th blessed place!
    How’s ’bout we shoot ’em and cut out their tongues then shoot their tongues? 🙂

    ~Lady B

  4. I try to move all of my rants to my political blog and I try to use cuts for pics..sometimes I do get crossed up and post in the wrong place.

  5. OK, maybe as a Canuck, and someone who doesn’t discuss their votes with anyone, and is not pressured to vote for anyone, I’m a little in the dark here. Isn’t the American democratic system supposed to be a secret ballot? Meaning NO ONE ELSE KNOWS who you voted for and you don’t tell anyone if you don’t want to?

    I mean isn’t that why you go into a voting booth behind a closed curtain, push a button on a computer touch screen and end up voting for the guy you didn’t want but don’t know about it because the votes are erased?

    If you’re going to be shilling for a candidate, and asking everyone who they’re voting for, then we should go back to the old days, where at polling stations, you would get up on a stage in front of a crowd and announce who you were voting for. If the opposition candidate’s supporters didn’t like your choice, they could give you a tap on the head with an axe handle as you came off stage. This provided for complete transparency and allowed for greater accuracy in tallying them votes. Maybe America would be ebtter off if they went back to this system instead of these new-fangled touch screens…


    That sort of ‘soapboxing’ just creates bad feeling. It’s a reason why I try to limit my political yammerings in my own journal.

    I like your idea about putting stuff behind a cut. I’ll remember it.


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