OOC: To those hypocrites within the American populace who are rabidly anti-immigrant


Now, maybe you all can shut up. For the record; my choice for President was Bill Richardson because of his voting record on both Immigration and Indigenous issues. I am still as of yet undecided, but I will say this: any candidate’s stand on Indigenous issues is how my vote will be decided. If he cannot deal with that then he or she cannot be entrusted with anything else – at all. It’s a nearly five hundred year-old stain that needs to be addressed.


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13 responses to “OOC: To those hypocrites within the American populace who are rabidly anti-immigrant

  1. Hi! I peruse this journal on occasion due to knowing the mun for Rochefort and generally being a nosy hor, and this post was kind of awesome to stumble across. My giant NDN friend told me to tell you she’ll buy you a pony if you like.

  2. Oh hi um. I’m the giant NDN friend (I’m not really giant, Elizabeth Weir’s typist is just short, damn it)–the greeting used leads me to believe you’re Cherokee people? I’m Dine, mostly.

    Anyway, I love that cartoon, it’s seriously awesome. I’m pretty undecided politically, myself, and consider myself an independent. Obama’s looking all right (I love the hell out of indiancountry.com), but we’ll see, hey? I’m not sure who I’m trusting yet.

    So, yeah, this was really nice to see.

    • You are eight feet tall, don’t lie.

      *runs away before she can be accused of spamming anyone’s journal*

    • Heya! Nice to meet you, Elizabeth. 🙂 Yep, I am Cherokee (Anayun Wiya). I have relatives both in OK and Cherokee, NC who are still on the reservations there. Nice to meet someone who is Dine. 🙂

      I saw the cartoon on a website by chance a friend of mine referred me to, and it reminded me of some other cartoons I had along the same lines. Between ourselves, I am really leaning toward Obama as well. Bill Richardson didn’t officially endorse him yet, I don’t think, but he did relay a story where they were at a debate, Richardson had not been listening, and the moderator turned to him and said, “And what would you do, Governor?” Richardson couldn’t very well say, “Im sorry I wasn’t paying attention.” But Obama, who was next to him said under his breath, “Katrina! Katrina!” And Richardson was able to recover. Now, Obama didn’t have to help him, and Richardson thanked Obama later for not throwing him under the bus, so to speak. You can imagine if it had been Hillary. I am sure she wouldn’t have been quite that nice. 😉

      Anyway, adding you to FL as well!

      • Oh, I’m talking about , I didn’t realize she’d given you her name, ’cause I’m slow. I’m Kay (or Kaya, or Kayame, but…Kay is less ridiculous). Nice to meet you! I don’t know enough Native folks online, it’s awesome to find more.

        Aw, that’s rad! I enjoy stories like that. Yeah, that’s one of the things I like about Obama–after years and years of politics being such an unpleasant game, it’s kind of nice to see someone with…manners. Of all things. I totally fangirl Bill Richardson, though; I’d love it if he took the VP seat. I used to want to move to NM ’cause I have family down there and I agree with him on baaasically all his platforms. (Especially his idea for teachers’ salaries, oh man, everyone in my family teaches.)

        Adding you back! 😀

  3. Best comic ever. Our primaries aren’t until after I graduate in May, but dunno, I’d like to see Richardson get the VP slot from whomever wins the nomination. He is basically the only one with real experience…and not just on the immigration and indigenous issues.

    • I would like to see whomever gets the Democratic nomination either make him VP candidate OR appoint him as Secretary of Sate. I think we desperatey need him based on his UN experience and the fact, it is time that we stop acting like a bully unilateral nation that everyone wants to just shut up.

      • Agreed, as well his experiences with running an executive branch as a Governor. Sure it isn’t the presidency, but it is applicable enough experience to make him at the very least, a good adviser.

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