Mun prompt: Do you find yourself playing your muse in a single timeline or do you run multiple histories? If that’s the case, how does your muse change from one to another? What about those of you who play your muse at varying ages? What does your muse gain or lose with age? Feel free to share their life experiences with us.

Since Fanny is half-Fae and essentially an immortal character, I have had the luxury of playing her in several different time frames. Since she was borni n 1444, we were able from that period onward, if I or rather she so chose, to explore those areas. One of the first storylnes in Fanny’s timeline was one that she and I worked out with the muse civ_barbarian and his mun set in the time of Richard and the two princes in the Tower. Now, we have not finished exploring that story, and I personally intend to do more with it if everyone involved also agrees. But certainly it started setting up her canon and the canon for when she and Hsu Danmei actually met and became the firiends that they are. I have just begun exploring a little bit more her childhood and her time on the Fortunate Island as a young woman leading up to her usurpation of the Throne.

The next big time era for her is during the reign of Louis XIII, where she met the major characters of The Three Musketeeers, some of whom played major roles in her life and canon. Both Athos, or allfor_one and Rochefort (all_forme are a part of that, with her marrying Rochefort in the end. She also writes quite a bit in the modern era with various other muses such as grissom_tm, saintly_da and others. How they and I keep it all straight is just through labeling the threads, 17th Century, 15th Century, Modern Era, etc. That is not to say that we label them all. I think we keep it pretty clear within the writing what time period we are working with.

Fanny is a chameleon in that she has come from a different era, but has watched the march of history, etc. She knows how to conduct herself and there are simply ways of being that are timeless. Certainly cultures and social acceptance of various things come into play and that is where I have either done the research, or she simply does to match her surroundings. The one thing she jokes about from time to time no matter what time period she is in is her hatred of embroidery and her (at least inward) contempt of women who will relegate themselves only to that. Anyone’s duty, as far as she is concerned and regardless of what sex that person is, owes it to themselves to sharpen their mind and learn as much as possible. Since the Fae tend to be timeless and do not age, I don’t worry about that so much. Of course they are children and grow to adulthood, but in those time periods where she has had to at least give the semblence of having grown older, she dresses and makes herself look older by clever use of clothing, makeup, etc. rather than using Fae glamour to provide the illusion. I have a few theories on that sort of thing anyway, but suffice it to say that in writing Fanny, I tend to lean more towards less mystic woo-woo, special effects type of magic used by her than just simple, common sense and skillsets that employ Universal laws and metaphysics that may have appeared as magic to those who do not employ them. Make no mistake, she can do the woo, but she does things her own way and I thinik in writing her I wanted to have her be more believable.

All in all, I appreciate having a muse that is as of this writing 564 years old. I suppose if I had wanted to really incorporate some of my knowledge and definite interest in ancient history, particularly that of Egypt and India, I would have had her be born in the New Kingdom of Egypt. It isn’t what this character, oringinally based on one of my ancestors, wanted. If it were up to me, I could, like any writer, change it. However, it isn’t up to me. She has stubbornly said what her reality is, and those people and events that fit with in that are varied enough to keep it interesting for the muse, for me and hopefully for her readers as well.

Muse: Fanny Fae / Faelyn
Fandom: Original Character / Folklore / Mythology
Word Count: This section has been ommitted for this post, as it is irrelevant. 😉

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