OOC: July To First Week of August Status of Mun and Muse

Just a note for those of you who write and interact with fannyfae, nomanselizabth sekhmet_mrytamn, and faery_ring; July is absolutely my busiest month of the year. This is the mun’s prep time for our Temple’s Annual Retreat. This means that I will be slow with reps, and during the first week of August ( 1-8), the responses may be very rare . This is not meant to be personal, this is just my schedule as it is. This year has been particularly hectic as I have several friends whom I have been helping who have lost a great deal, if not everything in the flood.

Things like clean up moral support for those in need takes a bit of time and effort to do. Getting ready and packing also takes time. I promise that no one is being ignored….just nudge me if you need to. I will understand and respond as quickly as I can; Promise! 🙂


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4 responses to “OOC: July To First Week of August Status of Mun and Muse

  1. No worries!

    Do what ya gotta do. *nod nod*

    • *HUGS* That’s what I love about writing with this group of friends. We all understand that real life happens and we are each of us more than willing ot be patient.

      An aside, Marius’ rep from Frances will be done this weekend, as will Meryt’s. However, I do need to have some time to pick your brain about hers. Do you have any time you can spare in back and forth emails or chat this weekend? If not, that is cool, too. 🙂

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