Application: Wicked

“Within these things, all life, be it viper, adder, worm, insect or animal or plant, if they are boiled down, reduced to their lowest common denominator, we are left with the wrath of Mercury separated out from these creatures; for all life, is external and internal, and it consists of both poison and light. All Life that is void of Mercury is mort, and an abominate, and accounted as dead.” – Jacob, Bohume, “Signatura Renan

The way of the Fae is the way of the Earth and rock of tree and plant, of animal and bird, and all of these things can at some point, all will contain poison. All are there for us to use with knowledge and wisdom, the trick is to know when or where each is to be applied.

If you follow the ways of magic, inevitably you end up sooner or later at the way of cure and curse. Each of the herbs on the earth, especially the ones used to raise the dead in a seemingly simple spell, if used improperly, or properly as the case may be, they can either hex or heal – and sometimes, if you can stomach it, can do both at once. There are people who are both Powerful, passionate, both philtre and poison at the same time. I have known this and because of its sting, I have crossed into Darkness from time to time. Not only have I survived it, I am married to it. I AM it! To be a successful poisoner or conjurer, or a successful sovereign in any case, the Art of each must be embraced fully for what it is. Taking a life for the good of all is not so great an issue if you first know how to name these things properly, to talk to them and understand without judgement, being ever ready to make bargains if necessary. I have found that if you try to get something for yourself, inevitably, you will have to take such matters to heart and not be afraid to strike at the very heart of someone you even believed yourself to have once loved if that is what is required. I have, and I would do so again if necessary and remain unashamed and unrepentant for having done so.

The way of Mercury, the poisonous changeling, the way of Sulphur, the Path of Poison. The Unseelie Sidhe way, the way of the Old Ones, is the path of poison – and the most deadly poison of all, the most lethal that we know is the wicked and deceitful poison of the Lie. Sometimes lies, like arrows go in easily enough and when pulling them back out again cause even greater damage. To us , the Fae, a lie is the one anathema that cannot be tolerated. The liar is forsworn and cast out among us. The lie renders even that which was done as an act of righteous relentlessness as being null and void. There Some say that magic is a lie, that knowledge a deceitful lie of Lucifer Himself or that the very existence of the Fae is a lie – for they were all stamped out once, weren’t they?

There the truth lies in how we survived it.

Muse: Fanny Fae / Faelyn
Fandom: Original Character / Folklore / Mythology
Word Count: 466 (not including quote)


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6 responses to “Application: Wicked

  1. Married to the darkness, Madame? Oh, words more true have rarely been spoken I think. *just smiles*

    • *purring* Yes, I know this, mon amour. You were completely in line with what I wanted and needed. You are my black Sun and Moon.

      • I am most honoured that I meet with my lady’s approval. However, perhaps I should audition once more for the position you have granted me? Simply to be certain that I am truly what you want… and how you want me.

        *oh what an evil grin he has!*

        • Would that please you, Monsieur? I am quite certain that another audition would please me.

          *she notes his grin and wonders just what evil lurks in that mind of his*

          • I do believe that it would lay any worries I may have of that position to rest, Madame. Or any other positions that I may find myself in, within the fulfillment of my duties of course.

            • Is our a mutual pleasure a mere ‘duty’, Your Grace, or is it something more? I was rather hoping that it was more to you, Sir. *teasing smile*

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