From Hsu, Cody, Snake and just about everyone else….

I do not know that I would describe myself as ‘liberal’ and I am definitely not ‘inhibited’. Perhaps judiciously and ‘diplomatically reserved’ and ‘calculating’ would be far more accurate terms. Being a Sovereign, One usually would be an Alpha.

Modern conceptions can be so very idiotic.

Your result for The Reactive-Dogmatic Personality Inventory…


With your results 29% Reactive and 29% Dogmatic, you scored ALPHA. Alpha’s are generally inhibited and liberal individuals, who are open to others opinions and like to hear them, but usually keep their immediate reactions under wraps. The least unstable type.

Best Connection: Iota

Best Way You Contribute To A Team: The Councillor

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5 responses to “From Hsu, Cody, Snake and just about everyone else….

  1. Does explain why we get along though.

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