Icon meme


I loved the look of this one. She looks very calm and collected. It’s how I imagine Frances / Faelyn to be most of the time.


This was actually my original vision for Fanny. Since I couldn’t find any more images of this actress, I switched her to Monica Bellucci, but this one stayed because the two women resembled each other enough.


This is probably one of the few smiling icons I have of Fanny. She almost seems too happy. Maybe it’s contrived. I am thinking it probably is. *g*


This is the one that I imagine happened on the day that Sebastien was killed before Faelyn’s eyes. You can just see the disbelief and despair in her!


She is just downright belligerent here.


This one is her “attention getter”. Who could miss that kind of cleavage?!

This is her, “come back to bed” look.


Frances and Hsu are busy ‘at it’.

and of course

Frances sporting that ‘freshly f***ed’ look! 😉

And of course, I have to include

Faelyn and Sebastien, just getting started. No doubt with a kiss like that, things are going to get heated very quickly! 😉


Oh….WARNING! Never use the “C” word within her hearing!

However, I think that this one might be um….fetching, yes, that’s the word!


I like this one a great deal, but admittedly it is a tie with this one:

This is the one that she uses the first time she speaks with anyone. This is has been consistent over the years!


She really is, you know.


Not sure about this, but she wouldn’t go anywhere without her magic.

And then there is the one that is central to who she is and what she believes:

I think this is why she and Hsu get along so well! ;


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9 responses to “Icon meme

  1. *grin* I like the oops one. It’s cute fun.

    • Hehe that one was fun to do! I saw that picture and it just looked like as if she had done something, “accidentally on purpose” 😉

      • Reminds me of a phrase my daughter uses a lot, “My bad?”, which is much the same thing.

        • Heh…I completely can relate to that one! I have a similar one; “Oh, I am terribly sorry.” (Yeah, you have no idea how ‘terrible’ my sorriness is!)

          I am going to have to change this meme, I think. I just added the icon you see on this response this morning! *g* I know what the artist had in mind when it was created, someone obsessed with the PB of Frances, perhaps. But to mind it is just as much for her with her obsessions about sex, Power, pleasure, her Kingdom, her loyalty to Hsu and with winning the War against the Watchers, or even about Sebastien….which is probably the closest thing to the truth!

  2. All of the pups like the cleavage one! *g*

    And her newest one, in your comment…is lovely!

    • Hehe! Yes, it really is rather a shame that Caroline isn’t as stacked as her mother is, but maybe we can just *pretend* that she is! 😉

      Thank you! I saw that and went, yes. That one definitely fits for how she is about alot of things – but not so much so that she ever gives up or loses sight of her devotion to Power.

      I feel an Azazeal Faelyn manip coming on…now to figure out what to do! *g*

      • *LOL* Stelios says that he likes her just the way she is. She’s perfect.

        Ooooh…I like the sound of that. Azazeal’s already looking forward to seeing it. *g*

        • OOC

          Oh, Caroline is incredibly pissed at me for that above comment! She posted as near death threates as someone like her could get over on Dear Mun. I want to thank Stelios for posting when he did, because if he hadn’t, she might well have done it! 😉 As long as he thinks that the is ‘perfect’, then it won’t even matter what anyone else thinks.

          Umm…does this mean he kinda / sorta *likes* her?! He needs to come out and say it or she is gonna grab him by his lapels, plant one on him and say something to him! Beating a Spartan to the punch? *raised eyebrow* I didn’t think that was possible! LOL!

          As for Faelyn and Azazeal manip; I am going to root through my images of Monica Bellucci and the ones you sent to me of Fassie and see if I can find something suitable. I am betting that I can. *g*

          • Re: OOC

            WOW! She is pissed…I don’t think I’ve ever seen her that angry. You really got her going! And I’m glad that Stelios stepped in in time to save the day.

            Yeah, he just kinda/sorta likes her! Just a little! *ggg* Hehehe, I’d like to see that, but with his most recent tag, well let’s just say that it’s getting a lot closer. You know how it is, he’s a fearsome Spartan warrior…afraid of nothing, but when it comes to voicing feelings, etc., he’s not so sure of that. Damned stoic, reserved, only show your tough side, Spartans. *g*

            I’m sure you can!!

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