I am surrounded by the most fantastic people in the world!

Name a handful of people you RP with, read, or have heard of. Say something positive, a reason why you like their characters, or the players. Anything that is constructive, positive, and better than the general: <3!!

In light of all of the recent appreciation that has been going around, I wanted to take these moments to thank those people who have made the last couple of years an absolute joy to write and to RP with!

To the mun of all_forme: What can I say other than I love your muse, love your writing and you have been a source of strength and inspiration! Thank you for lighting a many year obsession and here is hoping that it leads us for many years more! All of your other muses never fail to inspire and in fact, I have another female muse who still wants to play with a certain twisted crime boss / pyromaniac of yours! 😉 I love plotting out different directions and I love how our two muses ended up adoring each other to the degree that they did. Rare is the post where Faelyn does not mention Sebastien. Non-existent are the days that I don’t think about you and offer thanks for your friendship!

To the mun of civ_barbarian, immortalsparta, 1st_nephilim and others: You have given Fanny her oldest and best friend. Hsu has never failed to produce a reaction or inspire her loyalty. Faelyn (Fanny’s) relationship with Azazeal is just pure wanton crack that we are just beginning to explore. To say that the aforementioned muses make my muse into a wanton little beast is an understatement! They seem to bring out her most lustful Fae nature! And the voice of Sparta is still yet heard in Stelios and his interaction with Fanny’s daughter, Caroline. What a wonderful, sweet ride it’s been for them and for me! The friendship that has developed in addition to the writing, however, was a beautiful and most unexpected thing. I simply adore receiving your long emails! I can only hope that the ones I send you in return don’t end up blithering too much! *g*

To the mun of a_roman_w_power: Your Marius is incredible! Both Frances and Meryt adore him in their way. As a writer and RP’er I could never have hoped for someone who was as fair, conscientious and good hearted as you are. Please forgive me for those times when I was uncommunicative or too busy to even look up and to see you and your fantastic muses standing there. Your generosity fills me with a great deal of gratitude.

To the mun of her_own_sword: You give to a good many people with nary a thanks from hardly any of us. Thank you for your generosity and your sense of fun and your endless courage in not being afraid to explore new things in depth. That kind of indulgence is a rare gift!

To the mun of allfor_one, not_headvamp and others; I miss you, DAMN IT!! I miss our RP and collaboration and I never stop hoping that your situation and your internet service will get better so that you can come out and play some more. Your voice and the voice of your muses is so clear and strong and spot on, I promise I will hold the door open for your Athos and David in the communities as long as it takes! Also, your icons kick ass! I love how you can make something work that probably shouldn’t!

To the mun of commodore_jn: Your James is so wonderful! I find myself wishing that he were not just a character in POTC. The historian in me wants to turn him up somewhere in some chronicle and learn all that I can about him! I am glad that you did not stop writing him, even with his tragic end in the third movie. You have such a handle on the muse it takes my breath away! Frances will always have a very warm place in her heart for him as her friend and will always wonder in the back of her mind about the possibilities that might have been between them. 😉

To the mun of ambitious_woman: You are such grace under pressure, much like Reinette herself is! I adore that I have just started to get to know you and I will say now that every rumour out there about you is indeed true! You are one of the most generous, caring and wonderful RP’ers out there! Not only that, your posts are rich, decadent works of art. You and your muse never fail to impress me and my muses.

To the mun of _call_me_snake_ and others: I love how true to Snake’s voice you truly are. Also, my muse nomanselizabth will always refer to Snake as her favourite rogue – and she still is VERY proud of that tattoo she has on her backside that was inspired by him! If it is the mark of the Devil, then by golly, she is fine with that!

To the mun of saintly_da, col_depp, stereos_suck and others: You are such a lot of fun and it has been both an honour and a privilege to get to write and RP with you. I cannot thank you enough for your tireless efforts, your incredible writing and the fact that you pimp my comms wherever you go! *g* I am looking forward to alot more fun over the next year!

To the mun of grissom_tm, vote4nathan and others: I adore you and my muse definitely adores yours! Gilbert and Frances on their own are worthy of so much love. I adore RP with th em. However, you, my dear, write some truly awe inspiring things for a muse whose voice is difficult to capture. You get it. You get him so clearly I cannot even look at anyone else’s Gil Grissom and shake my head knowing that you can do a much better job! Add to this that you are so sweet and patient and you make kick ass graphics. You are all shades of awesome!

To the mun of dr_luka_kovac, notyourdannyboy, nicolaskokoris and others: We do not get to RP often enough. I would like to change this. You are one of my favourite people even though you might never know it for how much I have crabbed at you in the past. For that I am sorry. I know it is a small consolation to say that it is because I ultimately feel safe. You are an outstanding co-mod for our community and you are in my thoughts and prayers every day. Dua Netjer en etj! (Ancient Egyptian (f) for ‘Thank God for you!’)

To the mun of belle_louve, captainbarbossa, and others: You are sorely missed in writing and RP with my muse! You are so sweet and giving, and for you there will always be safe space and much love that will never fade!

To the mun of the_countmc: Your Edmond is wonderful and my muse really wishes to RP with him again. I still think it is a shame that they had their near miss all those years ago. I know of few who have such a devotion Dumas’ muses, and you have Edmond’s voice so clearly, it is really a joy to read him. You have always been a wonderfully giving and generous friend. Thank you for that.

To the mun of isabel_giovani: I adore your muse! She is so beautifully dangerous and magical! I understand she was originally from a RPG, but you write her with such depth and gorgeous imagery, I find myself absolutely addicted to everything that she writes!!

There are countless more muns and muses that I could mention that I cannot possibly name them all. I can only say that I am truly blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful and giving people who have been nothing but supportive of me, the muses that I write, and the communities that I moderate. You rock my world and you are all the ones that make me rather addicted to LJ more than any other site online!

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6 responses to “I am surrounded by the most fantastic people in the world!

  1. Awww thanks hun. Snake assures me that he would leave nothing less than the mark of the devil on her fair, virginal hinney.

  2. Thank you so much for the kind words. You are such a wonderful friend and roleplaying partner. You have always, always been willing to hear me out, and to give me your honest opinions, while respecting my privacy and my personal life. It’s so very rare to find players who mean what they say, say what they mean and always listen to all sides and ideas. I love writing with you, and love your muses.

  3. Thank you ever so much! **HUGS**

    And for your support and friendship. *hugs*

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