OOC: WTF!? Does anyone hate what they did to our profile pages as much as I do?!

If you do, I STRONGLY encourage you to make your feelings known to LJ in this thread:


The new interface is ugly, its cumbersome and it breaks the three mouse click rule! I am still peeved at them taking away Dysotopia as a viewing option (I have it but it took some doing). PLEASE let LJ know this sucks in so many ways and give we the users the option to opt out!

I hate enforced changes!!


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28 responses to “OOC: WTF!? Does anyone hate what they did to our profile pages as much as I do?!

  1. This has been in the works for about a year now. People have said ‘no’ in many ways and explained why this was so hideous in threads and others of the gazillion news comms you have to follow to know what’s going on here. Just one more demonstration that they don’t care about what the user base wants as long as the $$ flows in.

    • I know. I quit that group because of all the stupid ideas the so-called “design” team who has taste up their ol’ chocolate wizz-ways, were not listening. I thought, albeit wrongly, that they had let go of this ridiculous notion when the Russians took them over. I can see now that they really don’t care.

      Others have commented that they are trying to make LJ more like Myspace and Facebook. This is a HUGE mistake. I passionately hate both thoes other sites because they are such nightmares to navigate, are bandwidth hogs and are as inane as hell.

      • You’d have thought that after three goes and the users saying ‘this is really ugly’ would have dissuaded them from going with it anyway.

        Sadly, I would have to agree with those who say this is slowly morphing into a MyFaceBookSpace clone. What a waste and shame.

        Ah well, I have better sites to give my money too *wink*

        • Really ugly doesn’t even begin to cover it. It breaks so many rules of good web design we won’t even get into it. I wish LJ would fire those little jerks in their office who think they can design. I understand they have to justify their man hours and their production schedules, but when people put pages and pages of “please dont do this, it sucks” and they do it anyway, that says something to me.

          I have already bought my permanent membership, but I dont even buy their v-gifts now because I am so mad at them.

          *hugs* Thanks for your support of Pan. Believe me we do appreciate it. 🙂

  2. I did. It’s so bad it hurts.

  3. OOC

    I told them in no uncertain terms to fix this now. If they can give us alerts to opt out of searches, they can damn well give us alerts to opt out of the hideous profile page.

    That, and I said I wanted a monkey.

    Ok, that last part is a lie, bu I am in a weird mood. Go with it. 😀

    • Re: OOC

      But that is the point. They don’t WANT us to opt out of thier crappy design fiasco. They want to drag us kicking and screaming down the road of fugly.

      Monkeys are cool! Oh, wait…that was a lie! *g*

      No problem going with it though. 😉

  4. OMG It shocked me when I looked at it just now O.o!!!!

  5. /delurks.


    Though, I kind of like that they made the info collapsible.

    If only they had added *just* that. GAH.


    • Welcome! LTNS! 😉

      Yeah, I mean if we could decide on what elements we wanted that would be ok. But I don’t like that my gifts, my memories, etc all that other extraneous stuff is at the top. I mean, really, is that information people need? I’m not going to buy any more of their Vgifts. I will give gifts to friends on their special days or just because and they will be personal.

      It’s just…meh!

  6. It is HIDEOUS. I actually thought it was just my browser being wonky, until I restarted the comp and tried loading LJ again with Firefox. WTF were they thinking? And I also loathe having something like this forced on me; if we had the option to keep the old style, it’d be another story!

    • If ONLY it was your browser (or mine!) being all wonky! I have Opera, which is similar to Firefox in some ways. I loathe it especially if I have paid for the privelege of not having ads, etc. I want to reserve the right to opt out of crappy design, too!

      • I left a comment on about it, though I was really too nice, going with the whole you-get-more-flies-with-honey-than-with-vinegar theory (not that I actually expect my individual comment will be much noted). But yeah, all I’m asking for is the option to opt-out. I can’t quite understand why they felt the need to change the profile style in the first place, because, umm, what the heck was wrong with it? And putting your money into a site only to be deprived of choices is annnnnnnnnoying.

  7. …there are really no words for how seriously fucked up that is, not to mention all that information just sitting out there at the top of the page. I mean, I didn’t mind it being on there when it was hidden at the bottom. Now…yeah.

    They really need to give us an option on this one.

    • I know. Well, I’ve said plenty to them about it. I seriously was going to buy another permanent account this year. Since they did this AND raised the price of the permanent accounts, they can kiss my money goodbye! They’ve made their bit off me.

  8. I’ve been beta testing it for weeks, and it took me a while to get used to, but now I prefer it. BUT, they really should give people a choice in the matter. I don’t see why that would be difficult for them.

    • Well, then I guess the rest of us will have to “get used to it”, too. Not that any of us have a fucking choice. This is actually just part of what LJ is leading up to make this site more like fucking Facebook and that hideous cesspool of human existance, MySpace. If I wanted that kind of bullshit I would be on those sites, but I avoid them like the plague and come here so I don’t have to be bombarded with crap.

      And ever since the bloody Russians have taken over ownership, I’ve got Russian bots friending me left right and center. I don’t get a choice about that, either.

      • I’m hoping that they will hear the voices of the people and give a choice. After all, even InsaneJournal gives a choice.

        The bots go away, if you ignore them, usually within a day or so. It’s the commercial spammers who drive me up the wall.

        • If they give us a choice, which I rather sincerely doubt. They are doing this because of a larger purpose – like making us like MySpace and Facebook. I am not giving them one more dime of my money. I’ve already bought my permanent account and by damn I intend to get every goddamned red cent of money tht I spent out of it!

          I get more spam in my email box since the Russians took over in the last few months than I have gotten in years. My email is supposedly hidden, and yet I get at least 200 pieces a week. Thankfully google puts them in my spam box, but it’s annoying. Yeah, the bots disappear, but they are there in an attempt to steal your identity. That’s the part that annoys me. Thankfully I made sure that all of my credit cards have such low limits, that if they do get one of them they won’t ever get very much.

  9. I kinda like it? But I’m still prochoice? XD

    • Hey, if you like it, that is cool. 🙂 But none of us had a choice in this. I personally think that those of us who bought a subscription, or in my case, permanent accounts, should be given special concessions – and be able to set our pages to what we want them to be….or not. Force the crap on the users who don’t pay to be here, but leave the rest of us alone if we want to be left alone!

  10. I have to admit it that after the initial wtf, I don’t mind it too much. But I agree that LJ should have at least given an opt-out for people…but really when have they ever listened to their customers? Even those of us that have paid?

    It’s still better than Facebook which I have an account at because of friends over there but very rarely use it as I loathe it with a deep, deep loathing and the crap that is MySpace.

    • I am sure that I will get used to it, even though I think it is ugly, cumbersome and breaks every rule of webdesign and user interface out there. What I resent is not being given a choice, just as I was not given a choice as to whether or not I wanted Vertigo as a viewing option rather than Dystopia. When someone says, “This is your choice and you will deal with it”, really always has peeved me. It especially irritates me if I, like you and many others, have paid for the site and support it. I simply want to be equally supported and my satisfaction as a customer does count…or it should at any rate.

      And I have an account at each of those other sites and in spite of urgings from friends and my son (who now at lat is also hating the new commercialised Facebook)I never venture to either of them.

  11. It’s hideous and I hate it. I’ve posted in a couple comms about the option to opt-out, but LJ claims it would be too much trouble and that they can’t do it. Ugh, whatever, LJ. I don’t like that you list bizarre stats at the top right corner for no reason whatsoever. Or have lines between sections for no reason, either, as if it was designed for and BY a 5 year old.

    They want to make it look like Facebook and MySpace, but those sites are FREE. And also ugly. LJ is trying to “fit in” with that crowd to make *more* money, which is why most of my RPing is now now on IJ where you get 100 userpics for free and they don’t change crap like this around on you.

    BTW, there’s a comm called . I don’t know how effective it’ll be, but some people are trying to get others to join so our voices will be heard if you’d like to pass it on.

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