Two for Tuesday

1. Do you believe in a higher power of any kind?

Yes. I was raised to the service of the Great Goddess, Danu. She represents both the waters of the River of Life and the Primordial Waters of Creation. Danu is revered by both the Celts and the Hindu alike. She is the beginning and the birth, of Creation, generation and fertility. She is Life itself and the womb that bears it. Danu came before everything else was, before any other God or Goddess. She is Creations Mistress and Meaning. She is both dark and light, both giving and harvesting. She is the coldness of the frozen ice of a river, and the warmth of the Sun that melts the ice. She is every sense both known and unknown. She is the Maiden, the Mother, the Crone, the flower of youth and the sunset of old age. She is in everything because She encompasses everything. It is this dichotomy that allows those of us who are the Tuatha de Danann, to simply be. As we say in Gaelic: Eist le glor na habhann agus gheobhaidh tu mian. – Listen to the voice of the river and you will receive that which you desire.

I have always listened to That Voice, and I have always gained that which I desire. It was at the times that I did not listen to it that I fell into the deepest pit of despair.

2. Do you believe in existence after death?

Of course I do. There is a place, a place where the spirit resides after death. In fact, there are several possible realms that one goes when one dies. Being immortal, we do not think about death so much unless we are forced to do so. I have dealt with the death of those whom I love. Some I could accept as what was meant to be. Others, such as my husband, I could not. It was because of this refusal to accept and the knowing of those other realms that made me keep trying to bring back my husband from the land of the dead for over four hundred years. If I had not known the existence after death to be true, it would have been a rather moot point.

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