Things Still Left to Do

  • Wrap presents.
  • Bake more cookies since Sebastien and Jocelyn destroyed the first batch.
  • Console the chef, Monsieur de LaTour about his desserts being destroyed by the aforementioned culprits, and pray he does not resign.
  • Go into town to get the last minute things we need for our guests.
  • Make sure all the presents are laid out under the tree in the Great Hall in time for Christmas morning.
  • Go online to ascertain that all packages sent out reached their destinations in time.
  • Inspect the guest rooms to make sure everything is ready and everyone’s stay will be comfortable.
  • Go find my husband and lure him for a little bit of alone time before everyone arrives.
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    One response to “Things Still Left to Do

    1. “Dark elves, mon chere. I do believe that we had decided that the blame would rest solely upon dark elves, or the musketeers themselves perhaps?”

      “However, I do need to clean up, and get this raspberry filling off me, would you be so kind as to assist? Perhaps in the bathtub? I must confess, I did take the liberty of lighting several candles in there, as my sight is a bit lacking.”

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