OOC: Time to think of backing up your stuff!

isabel_giovanni has graciously given me and her FL a heads up and now I am passing it along to all on my FL as well. I have lost too many years of content due to defunct websites, changing ownerships and melted down servers. To say that I do not trust LJ’s new Russian owners is an absolute understatement, especially in light of this news.

LJ Archive by Sourceforge.net is a good way to do this. Whatever you do, just back it up. It is not my intention to cause a panic. Hell, I bought a permanent account, too. But the heartbreak of losing what you have written is indescribable. Don’t be caught out.


And not to pimp my own site, but I am going to pimp my own site because Ive busted my butt and funded the thing since 1999 as one of the owners. Pan Historia is a great online community website. There are lots of great features and it is worth a look. I am not going to do a hard sell, but honestly, we’ve been independent and ad free for these nearly ten years and I can promise you WE WILL NOT sell out to Russians or anyone else! Pride in ownership does say something.


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20 responses to “OOC: Time to think of backing up your stuff!

  1. How do you archive it? That second link goes to an LJ entry.

  2. Know of something similar for Mac users?

  3. This…leaves a very worried spot in my little brain.

    • Well, it was intended as a heads up. I lost so much stuff on the other two sites I mentioned. I mean I was getting paid to write online then and to lose all that work. It was like having to start over again, which is definitely no fun.

      • Oh yeah. I’ve had that happen too. this company frozenmidnighthosting.com went boom outta nowhere. No word, nothing.

        Lost everything. I was like;’ *slams head*

        • Which is exactly why I encourage backups. I’ve been migrating my stuff over to Pan Historia for months anyway, but this sort of lights a fire to make sure I get it all backed up. Especially since Ive been a member since 2003! *g*

          • 2004 here with my oldest journal lol

            • So you have been at this a while, too! *g* Actually that tool that is recommended is pretty darned easy to use. It makes things really simple. I will have to back up the other one’s too, like I am just amazed I put it off this long. But who plans for a site to go under, realy?

            • no one ever plans for it, but it’s a good idea to do none the less.

              Yup. I’ve been around a lllllllllooooonnnnnng time. You actually HAVE talked to me before lol. Numerous times hehehe

  4. You would probably know, and I’m asking you now that I am completely scared shitless. Would LJ Archive also download entries and comments from, say, community accounts? Even if you didn’t start them?

    • Yes, absolutely. If you are a community owner and it is in there, you can actually get EVERYTHING from a comm.

      I am not so much scared that LJ will go away right away. I worry about the fact it is a Russian company and Russia isn’t exactly anyone’s friend right now.

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