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What are you besides a writer/role-player? Also, how much of your everyday life involves writing in some form? Does it interfere with your other obligations?

Most of my life has some form of writing in it. I am a Mom, an herbalist, a Priestess, a consultant, an independent researcher in Egyptology, which makes me an incredible history geek, and I am an associate producer in film (yes, I actually am listed on the professional side of the IMDB). When I am online I am pretty much available to people – except for those times when I’m not. To be honest, writing and RP for me has given me some of my closest and most meaningful friendships and I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. But writing and RP isn’t the only reason why I love these people for who they are. They are just down to Earth good people. All of this has also taught me alot about human nature and that most everyone wants the same things in life. Our characters may have different end results in their respective lives, but not unlike the people we meet in the day to day parts of life, in general each of us only wants to feel safe, secure, loved, abundant, and see their goals come to fruition. It shouldn’t be too much to ask.

As far as detriment, some of the clients that I work as a consultant for are in paper free environments and all forms of data storage, cellphones, etc. are completely prohibited. Web access is completely restricted at these place to the point that you cannot go any site that is unapproved. As of yet, Livejournal is definitely not approved. All of this does to tend to make me a bit irritated, but they are the client after all. However, I do console myself by having a notebook and a pen in my locker so I can write on breaks and at lunch hour. Sometimes I use a voice activated recorder when I am commuting so that I can remember bits and pieces while I am driving. Some of my best writing ideas often happen then. The people that I work and interact with also give me ideas and I end up putting snippets here and there either of what they say or do. Life has a tendency to do that, and I have always had the attitude that the world around me is full of ideas. Even in these restrictive type s of areas, it gives me an incredible bit of material to draw from. Then as soon as I get home from work, the PC goes on and I don’t stop writing till I fall into bed.

The writing for me is primary, the RP has always been secondary. As far as I am concerned RP will always, always, ALWAYS take a back seat to real life events and issues. Most of the people with whom I have written with over the years also have real lives and families and we all adhere to the expectation that “Family and RL come first.” The key in all of this, of course, is open and honest communication. I find over the years that some people can accept that sort of prioritisation while there are others who just cannot seem to. If the latter rather than the former, it really isn’t my problem, and more likely than not, the relationship most likely ends there. Life is simplly too short to deal with rudeness or impatience from RP and writing partners, especially if a RL event comes up that must be dealt with. Most people, however fall into the former category, however. And while I am often paid as a writer, I have yet to ever be paid for anything from RP. Although, that, too, might change, as one storyline from a few years ago is now being developed into a screenplay that has generated some interest from a production company that I have been involved with over the past year. If it does happen to end up being a best case scenario, then I get the best of all possible worlds.

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