– #271 – Talk about a time you were sick

The days and weeks just after my husband’s return were all but a blur to me. There was so much to be done. Caroline, who had never known her father, would now as an adult have to come to grips with the fact that he was no longer to be counted among the dead. I admit, in those days, I hardly slept, and I barely remembered to eat. Even Hsu, who had been with me the night before we had discovered Sebastien’s return, thought my neglecting of things such as food, drink and especially sleep was indeed somewhat worrisome. In my excitement, I had succeeded in exhausting myself. I had excitedly kept pushing for every experience until I had no more reserves of strength left at my disposal. When I could eat, I was unable to keep food down, and every limb in my body ached.

After several days of both nausea and general tiredness, and with Sebastien fussing over me, armed with chicken soup and oceans of one kind of hot tea or another, I finally relented to my husband’s insistence that I go to see a doctor. He was relentless even under my protestations that the Sidhe do not get sick. I did manage to get an appointment with my friend, Dr. Srinder Chaudry who could get me in that afternoon.

Srinder Chaudry and I had been friends a long time. To say he was one of those doctors that female patients often fell for was an understatement. He was tall, dark and handsome with a bedside manner that was as gentle as his hands were skilled at his craft.

“You don’t look sick,” Srinder said, taking my blood pressure, “what’s been going on?”

“Oh, just general tiredness, a little nausea, I think I might have picked up the flu bug or something. I took some herbs for it, and they haven’t really helped, which is odd.”

Dr. Chaudry nodded and then removed the blood pressure cuff, “I never usually see you at all, so I am surprised you are here, Frances,” he said,” Your vitals seem fine. I should have the results of your blood work and urine tests in a few minutes. Then we can see what your white count is, and anything else that we might have missed.”

We spent the time catching up. He had a new mademoiselle in his life, and he had never been happer. I was glad to hear it. He inquired after Sebastien and Caroline and we spoke of the ordinary things in life.Just then there was a gentle knock at the door, a pretty blonde nurse came in with a folder and handed it with a smile to Srinder before leaving again. He looked at the folder, and the information contained there, and nodded. “Just as I suspected,” he said, gently, “Well, I guess there isn’t really anything I can do for you at this point except offer my congratulations.”


“You’re pregnant, Frances,” Dr. Chaudry smiled, “And judging by your reaction, I would say that you hadn’t even considered the possibility. And as such, I would guess you probably are not very far along.”

“What?” I said incredulously, “I do not understand.”

“Of course you do,” my friend smirked, “Your husband has recently returned. And my money is that you have spent far more time in your bed than out of it since his arrival. I did not see that you were on any sort of birth control. Besides, I thought you and Sebastien were trying. You most certainly didn’t get this way by happenstance.”

“Well, yes, of course, but ….he’s….” I looked at him agape, “So soon?”

“Frances, these things can happen very quickly,” Srinder said.


Dr. Chaudry nodded and then shrugged, “Well, I know you haven’t seen each other in a while, but be that as it may, you are undeniably with child, my friend.”

“Pregnant…” I said, still disbelieving.

“You don’t seem very happy, Fanny,” hel cocked his head, “If you do choose to maintain the pregnancy, I have a good referral to an OB/GYN.”

“Oh,” I said managing a smile, “Of course I intend to keep the baby. I mean, there is just such a gap between Caroline and this baby,” I murmured blankly.

‘Well, I hope that Sebastien will be equally pleased with the news.” Srinder said gently and closed the folder in his hands with a certain air of finality.

“Me, too.”

I was stunned, overwhelmed. Pregnant.. Srinder was right. I had not entertained the possibility because I was so busy being enamoured of my husband whom I had just brought back on the Realm of the Dead. What was a wonderment to me is that in the centuries that had passed, and Sebastien’s ability to sire a child was not at all diminished. I had imagined that after such a long time if Sebastien and I had wanted to have children, I would have had to resort to magical means to at least assist in that endeavor. Apparently that was not going to be necessary at all.

“Well, again, congratulations, Fanny,” Srinder stood up and gave me a hug and then kissed the top of my head, “If you need anything you will call me, yes? Or better still, let me buy you lunch sometime and we can catch up, hmm?”

I nodded and smiled, and watched him leave the examination room. I got dressed with trembling fingers and limbs. How to tell Sebastien was going to be the trick. We had talked about so much in the recent days. How would he deal with the fact that he was once again going to be a father? I could see it going either way, but I was determined, no matter how he felt about it. I finally had gotten one of the things I had wanted most in the world – the return of my husband. And while I was grateful that i had succeeded, I could only hope that he was equally as glad as I was about this unexpected interruption in our getting reacquainted.

Muse: Fanny Fae / Faelyn
Fandom: Original Character
Word Count: 1026

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