OOC: Random Bits

So I went out yesterday morning to see just how difficult it was going to be to get my personalized EYEOFRA license plates off of Bungee Truck , which is technically now, “mostly dead”. I wanted to put those plates on the back of my new car.

My license plate was missing.

Needless to say I was absolutely furious! Those have been my plates for the last ten years and it rather pisses me off that someone probably simply decided they were cool and ripped them off. I called the County, thinking that I would have to give them up, but I just need to fill out a form and pay five dolars for a replacement plate. I was relieved to find that out.

I have been approached again about doing a film project, with any luck this will actually turn out to go somewhere. It’s script contest season and there are at least three that I want to put Tango in at. I have another script idea, but I really need to get with Jaye, Lee and Manda in order to make it fly. (Consider yourselves warned, Ladies. ) 😉 I have gotten so many solictations to submit, etc. Maybe the message from the Universe is to quit putting it off.

Tonight is userbenu‘s play. I am very excited and proud. He has already been approached by another playwright about being in a two man show later in the year, he wiill get to play Death. That’s kind of fun. In spite of his going to school for education, it seems like the Gods of Creativity have been seeking him out. It should be fun for him and I am really looking foward to it.

Reps that I owe will be forthcoming. I get a rare three day weekend! *w00t* And needless to say, I fully intend to take advantage of it. This will also give me a chance to answer all those emails I owe for the Temple and to be posting more on the boards. I have missed the interaction and it has been put on hold for so long, it feels as if I am finally getting to come home.

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3 responses to “OOC: Random Bits

  1. Pre-warned is pre-armed! Though I am all curious now! *g* And in a couple of weeks I’ll be starting to seriously work on Hsu’s novel. I’ve made a few changes to the premise, but it’ll work better that way I think.

    That sucks about the license plate, but glad it’ll not cost you much for a replacement.

    And good luck to your son tonight!

    • Well, I will write to you in email about it. I honestly think that all the hard work we have done needs to have a profitable aspect to it, too. Frances is going to get her screenplay, and there is room in there for a Hsu-figure, although the storyline will be slightly different.

      As for the license plate, yeah, it wasn’t so bad. I was just a tad peeved that someone did that.


      • And I shall look forward to it (as always!). Yes, I fully agree, and you and Manda have been the ones to convince me to work on Hsu’s own story…and I hope you don’t mind if there will be a Frances-inspired character. 😀

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