– # 276 – Only Child

Are you an only child? Write about your siblings or lack thereof.

I am an only child. Or at least I am the only daughter of my mother, who now rests in the Summerland.

I will not lie. There are reasons for this. My mother, who was a newly dedicated Priestess on the Fortunate Island, gave birth to me when she was only seventeen. She was seduced by an Unseelie Prince by the name of Gan Ceanach and I was the result of that union. She was a beautiful woman, so who could blame the Sidhe for finding her attractive, and Sidhe women are far less fertile than their Human kin? To put indelicately, I was born without being legitimized by my father….a bastard. Because of this, because my father had to be for all intents and purposes, forced to acknowledge the relationship, and therefore legitimise my claim to Sidhe blood, he and I have had a very strained relationship. The fact that he would never acknowledge her goodness, did not help matters any.

Maeve Fiona McKay was a doting mother, she poured all of her love and spirit into raising me for the four short years that I knew her. There was no time before tragedy struck for her to have married and had another child. Surely, there were other men in the village of Dunnlauden who would have gladly taken a Priestess of the Goddess from the Holy Fortunate Isle to wife, even with me being so young. When my mother died, it was a shock to everyone. No one knew, as I was later to find out, that she was murdered and by the very woman who was to become my foster mother.

I sometimes wish I had siblings. We could have at least have the comfort of each other even as if we had lost our mother. It is a very lonely thing to not have any real blood family around you. I suppose it is this lack of real family connection, outside of my mother’s family who were scattered through various parts of the Highlands, has weighed a bit on my ability to be a better mother than I am. I have two daughters of my own but I know I am not the best of mothers. Those formative years were devoid of familial love and safety and because of this, I think it made things more difficult for me later in life.

Muse: Fanny Fae / Faelyn
Fandom: Original Character
Word Count: 395
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